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    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    8 October 12.20pm

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    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    7 Oct 2006 1.23pm

    What a hazy day...

    Why laaa the haze so disturbing one.....? But surprisingly there is a strong wind blowing here in Kuantan now. Anyway, the sky looks more terrible than yesterday. Yesterday was a little brighter and yet very hot.

    As you can see from the pictures above, for me if compare to yesterday it is getting worse. News reported that it comes form the Indonesia. Open burning I guess. Why the Indons like to burn things. Not civic-minded one... Causing people trouble only...

    Hey, when are we gonna use that building huh? What building is that? Classes? Lecture hall? Probably!

    Oh yes... yesterday my Mom called me and asked whether I drink lots of water or not coz she said that in Bintulu was very hazy. The haze was very thick. (During this hazy days, we must drink lots of water, u know?). Then, I answered her, "Yes, haha...That's Bintulu not Kuantan". Well, I might be acting a little rude but, we found it very funny. Even she also found it very funny coz she also ask the same thing to my brother who are currently in KL. Tell u, my brother also answered her back the same answer like I did. Haha...well, we are brothers what!

    I bought a big packet of chopsticks last few days... Actually I only want to buy 1 pair only but then i saw this big pasket of wooden chopsticks. Well, I'm busy man, haha. So, I'm lazy to clean it use wooden one laa... Finish eating throw away lorr....haha.... So lazy one! Err...some of my friends want to pao my chopsticks..damn!

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    It's hard to tell by words...

    It's a common problem where we really love somebody and we are too afraid to say it out. Heard from somebody's experience, a female should act 1st compare to the male...well understand what i mean?

    Erm...actually i'm talking about how to get a couple for urself, hehe... (Dont know why suddenly i come out with this topic)

    Well, somebody will act bravely and i really salute them. Yeah, one should be brave when u are facing this problem... But someone might be very2 superb shy type of person. The person like someone but too shy to act out. Soon, the target might go for somebody else instead of the person. What a sad story. Hmm...

    But, for those who like Korean Drama or movie the main actor will act very rough but soon he(mostly) will gonna get the girl. Is this really happen in this world? The man is trying to act COOL but somehow they look really cool, hehe....

    So, the problem/question now is how to treat a girl/boy or the person u admire. Be rough or gentle? Plz give ur comments in the comments section.

    U can put ur tips'mon lets share!!!