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    Saturday, January 31, 2009

    F*** You Mosquito!

    Dear Mosquito,

    Good Morning! Since I got nothing to do right now in the office I was thinking of writing a message to you, asking how are you.

    How are you?

    Still sucking blood?

    Nice or not?


    What is so nice about sucking people blood? Did you suck other animal blood or not? The pig's blood, chicken's blood, monkey's blood, tiger's blood, donkey's blood, tapir's blood, ant's blood, lizard's blood, Dinosaur's blood, elephant's blood, cow's blood, snake's blood, dog's blood, cat's blood, birds' blood, flamingo's blood, bear's blood, crocodile's blood, eagle's blood, cheetah's blood, lion's blood, kuala bear's blood, slow lolis' blood, kangaroo's blood, camel's blood, polar bear's blood, your own blood...

    You know what? Last few days, you caused someone's death you know or not? I received a message from a friend, but don't know she sms you or email you or not. Don't know whether you got a computer or not at home.


    You killed someone you know or not, you f***ing b****! You thought you are so good at sucking blood ka? Tell you the Dracula sucks better than you. You d*** little b**** sucking and killing an innocent girl who just graduted last few months. You killed her future! No one else ka you want to kill you f***ing b****! Go home **** **** with your male partner laa...

    You tiny little b****! You thought you are so good at killing arrr? Human kills better than you, you know or not? They use bombs, snipers, guns, semi-auto guns, machine guns, pour acid and many other killing methods you stupid little f***ing a****** mosquito!~

    You little b**** are so stupid! They are lots of human beings who don't want to live anymore in this world and some of them find it hard to die. You kill them laa you stupid little f***ing insect!

    Last sentence from me: You are a f***ing b****, l******, a******, hundreds times more b***** than any other insects, you d***, f****** insect... D*** you!

    Poke your eyes later. Blind insect. Stupid!


    New Year, New Job

    One day in December, I received a call from my ex-colleague asking me whether I'm interested in a project in Sibu, a very big police station. I was stunned as I didn't expect he came to me. Well, my ex-colleague was once working with me for a project in Bintulu doing QAQC stuff and we managed to get that ISO. A week after I ended my practical training, it was the audit which they got that ISO.

    By that time I was jobless and temporarily working for my uncle doing structural designs and some QS work. My ex-colleague called me that day and told me that I will do the same thing, the same work that I did in Bintulu, but starting from 0%!!! D****!

    Well, his 'other boss' called him and asked him whether he can do the QAQC stuff in Sibu but he said he can't. Instead he recommended me to him. The boss called me and let me know the offer. I went to Kuching after a few days to take a look at the offer and I was very satisfied with that offer. I started work the next day.

    I'm expecting a tough working for this company as they are just starting to apply the ISO requirements for their company and I'm fully in-charge of that. But what I like most about this job is that I will not going to do 2-work job like the Bintulu ones where I was doing the QAQC stuff and the site work doing inpsection everyday, which was so tiring.

    Now I just stayed in the office doing QAQC stuff. However, I still miss the site work. Huhu~ Although it is tough, but it is interesting and you can gain lots of knowledge from it. The first few days I was sittting on a chair in the Kuching's main office the whole day and it was so d*** boring. I was so anxious to go to Sibu the week after.

    Did you read an article from KennySia's Blog regarding the small hawker selling chicken rice. The hawker is just in front, not far from the office. LOL. Sorry, I didn't taste it. Lazy. LOL.

    What I'm satisfied with the offer is, they gave a car, a Proton Iswara Aeroback. Well, that's better than nothing. I'm not hoping for a Hilux or watever.

    An 8G pendrive for official use.

    ...and a night stay in Tanahmas hotel in Sibu with 2 single beds on the day I arrived Sibu.

    Anyway, did u ever try the chocolate roti canai before? It was my first time and it tastes OK.

    ...and my cousin took a 'pork burger' which I never heard it before in my life till that day.

    ~coming soon: Konvokesyen UMP Ke-3 Sidang Kedua 2009 Part 1/2~

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    Kuching's Hilton Hotel 007 New Year Eve Party Part 2/2

    That night, we ate lots of good food and expensive wine. Lots of expensive-looked dishes which you can even taste in any restaurants in the town for a cheap price. What make them so expensive? Alright probably the ballroom, a luxurious ballroom and a few entertainment for that night.

    You can even have it at any chicken rice shop

    Small piece of 2009 cake

    they served good wine too. 3 types of wines were served that night, I forgot the name of the first 2 wines served. The last once is the Black Label which we didn't even take a sip of it. Adrian's dad took it back, home. Those who sat with us at the same table forgot this Black Label wine coz we put it on the floor as there wasn't enough to place the dishes. Almost reaching the midnight, we realized that there's still a Black Label wine which we hadn't touched. Most of the people sat at the same table with us already went back home, so the wine will be ours of coz!!!

    The Black Label Wine

    Well, the clock was ticking waiting for the countdown with less than 10 minutes to go. We, cousins managed to snapped a few photos before we went back home. Playing around with the party packs and guns. It was fun, totally fun. All the lenglui-sss, making it more fun.

    Some of the selected Secret Agent for that night.

    Last snap before kena tembak

    Tumbuh buluuu...

    As the clock kept ticking to the midnight, everybody started dancing crazily as the songs played got hotter, faster and merrier. Luckily I didn't take much wine because if you do so, you will become like this...

    Don't drink and party

    You are going to get drunk. This drunken guy was too much. Too much drinking Wiski. He was sitting behind me and I noticed that they ordered extra wine and Wiski continously. Well, I was not surprised by the effect of wine and Wiski. He lay on the floor with his head supported by one of his friends/relatives. Too bad, he was carried out of the ballroom by the RELA officers after 15 minutes, by using a wheelchair. Some of us just stared at this pity guy been carried out but there were some of them just ignoring him, and continued dancing. I saw a few people stepped on this pity guy's vomit. Yucks! The hotel workers must have a great enjoyable time cleaning up the carpet. LOL. I wonder if he can believe of what he did when he woke up the next morning.

    Then, came the best moment of the night. The 12am of Year 2009 where lots of them joined the dancing in front of the stage including me and my cousins. We danced around with everybody and managed to snapped a photo with a Bond Girl.

    Wish could borrow her for *** *****!!!

    Well, last but not least I adviced you all not to drink alcohol too much if you are attending a good expensive party coz everybody will make sure that the 'drunken-you' will appear on their blogs.

    ~coming soon: New Year, New Job~

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    To my blog's readers,

    I want to wish all my reader (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban, Bidayuh, Penan, Org Asli or whoever...)...

    A Happy and Prosperous
    Chinese New Year
    in the year of the


    ~Will update soon. Please stay updated. See you soon.~

    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    Kuching's Hilton Hotel 007 New Year Eve Party Part 1/2

    Sorry for the late update. I was so busy doing my work. My boss kept rushing me for the work. Tomorrow I'm going to KL for my convocation! Yeah! So before going, it's better for me to scribble something here.

    I attended the Kuching's Hilton Hotel New Year Eve Party and it was so d*** nice and it was an unforgettable night. My cousin's (Adrian) daddy brought us here as he got 4 free tickets for this luxurious party. It was be my first luxury and high classed party ever.

    The theme of the party is our secret agent uncle 007 theme. Well, when you heard that 007 theme, what else you can imagine... It is definitely a luxurious one, thanks to Adrian's dad. RM3000 per table which we sat in the middle of the ballroom. Rm3000!

    Tell you, got lots of lenglui-ssss that night. Dude, who didn't attend the party really miss that golden chance. Haha!!! There were few Bond Girls posing smartly at the entrance of the ballroom, which made my heart went pumping and can't imagine I was attending this kind of party.

    I was stunned that Uncle James Bond came to Kuching to celebrate New Year with us LOL! Fake one! Malaysian's James Bond. Ugly. Wonder what he can do with his two fingers! LOL!

    There are 3-4 foreign singers that night and they sang beautifully. Well one of them is a very pretty young lady, just wearing bikini. Sorry I didn't manage to take her pic.

    to be continued...

    Saturday, January 03, 2009

    Cousins in Action!

    I went to Kuching last week for a meeting with a boss from a main-con company boss, just to see ho much he can offer me and the benefits that I will going to have if I work for him. At last, I accepted the offer after reconsidering the offer.

    It was the best trip to Kuching in my life so far as we, cousins, met...gathered at the round table at a restaurant having steamboat and had a very nice chat and were laughing all night long.
    (Unfortunately my brother wasn't there and this post is dedicated to him)

    Ang Moh Lan wants to 'tumbuk' me...

    Day 2 and it was the night before New Year Eve, I heard from one of my cousin Boboy that Anip (another cousin 15yrs old) brought back a Swedish girl!!! Just received his PMR result, we planned to celebrate it at the restaurant. He made a surprised to everybody in Kuching by bringing back a Swedish girl, he met her at the Senai airport. That girl is 20yrs old and is having her holiday in Malaysia.

    The Kapal Stim

    Well, that night the meal went so well and we chitchatted the whole night and everybody was asking her thousands of questions, non-stop. Well, she was able to entertain all of us and she managed to answer all of our questions. Her name is Joana Engstrand, from Sweden.


    Trying to have a cutie pose... Obviously, it didn't work, completely.

    We told Anip, he is very lucky coz he got a free Swedish girl after he got a good result. How I wish I could have one Heldi Klum or Paris Hilton or Jessica Alba if I got a good result.

    Just the two of us... lalalala... just the two of us.....

    Anip dropped a 'Puyuh's egg into my glass, filled with beer.

    The chick inside the eggshell got drunk.

    It was fun when all your cousins could have a chance to gather, having meal together, chitchatting, making jokes, laughing... Really appreciate this kind of atmosphere. We are not that close before. But since we are grown up now, we can feel that time is short and could probably find it hard to find the best day to spend with our relatives.

    The Kidnapper, Anip.

    After the meal, we went for a walk along the Kuching's Waterfront and took some unforgetable photos.

    No idea what they are doing...

    In the Office, working, at night...

    Joana went to Mulu, via Miri. There's nobody at home now. Alone. Anyway, I'll go to Sibu on Wednesday. That enormous police station is waiting for me.

    See you...

    Next post: 007 New Year Eve Party 2009, Hilton Hotel.