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    Saturday, August 29, 2009

    I Can Accept Corruption

    I got a free ticket to watch this Hong Kong movie "I Corrupt All Cops". It was sponsored by one of the Malaysian opposition party DAP.

    Well, I'm a neutral. So, just accept it for the sake of my money for that ticket fee. It's free, so, why not?

    One thing good about this is everyone will be given a free mask to prevent H1N1. Those representative/person-in-charge were ready at the main entrance to give those masks to the people.

    As usual, there will be a speech but it's just a simple speech alerting everyone of H1N1 and ask all of us to put on the mask during watching the movie.

    ...and of course after the movie, everybody took it off.

    Eh, I thought everyone should use it till you reach home. Or just because of the movie everyone must use that mask. Weird people.


    Friday, August 28, 2009

    Bye bye... Hello KK! \O/

    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Si Hitam dan Si Putih

    You might not want to miss another drama recommendation by me. This time, this is the best Taiwanese drama I ever watched. The drama titled "Black & White".

    It's an action and romance drama series. The drama mixes those 2 genres perfectly 50-50 which I really salute those directors and other crews for making such a good drama.

    Girls might not want to miss it. Those 2 guys could make them 'lao chui nua'...

    ...and Vic Chou's acting has been better than before such as Meteor Gardens I&II, Mars, Silence...

    ...and the boys might not want to miss this cute, pretty girl's smile...

    ...named Ivy Chen.

    ** Watch it HERE online! Link 1 Link 2

    **I'll run naked in my own room if you don't think it's nice.

    Mr. Gay pun ade ker???

    Hadi wrote in my chatbox:

    "Mr. Gay pn ade ke??haha"

    Kenapa tidak ada leyyyy~~~~

    Dunia ini adil maaa... Semua pun boleh join contest itu ini. Satu lagi nie kat bawah ni...


    Miss Tiffany 2009!!!

    Untuk golongan kaum lelaki yang dah tak tau nak join contest ape...

    ***Kawan2, bila giliran korang plak???

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    And the Winner for This Year 2009 Goes to...

    Miss Malaysia Universe 2009

    ~Miss Joannabelle Ng Li Vun~
    Congratulations! ------<@

    Miss Universe 2009

    ~Miss Stefania Fernandez~
    Congratulations! ------<@


    Mr. Gay Europe and Mr. Gay Swimwear 2009!!!

    ~Mr. Sergio Lara~
    Errrrrrr~~... Congggggratttsss...
    X _ X

    Monday, August 24, 2009

    My Wish List

    It was my wish-list. It was, now I'll make a new wish list. I can't believe that most of those things or activities I've planned were accomplished accept for the Altec lansing subwoofer, which I think I won't buy it anymore coz... it's useless. LOL.

    Sony Ericsson W595
    This year's wish...came true. I planned to buy the blue color one but that color still not available in Malaysia. I even went to KL to check it out, it's negative.

    Aquaria KLCC
    Yeah, I did. Went there with my 'ehem-ehem' and had a great spending hours taking pictures of fishes and other animals. I've found a very cute monkey...

    ... a boring fish

    ... a killing frog

    ...and a very photogenic fish..and it is totally very cute with its several poses when I wanted to take its photos. It will swim towards the glass and stunned for a while for you to snap its pictures. After you're done, it will swim away!!!

    Take 1:

    Take 2:

    Take 3:

    Take 4:


    My own name card
    I didn't ask for it but my boss made 2 boxes of name cards for me. I appreciated it so much.

    Canon Powershot A2000IS

    Not accomplished but I bought another model which is cheaper but the function and the quality of the photos taken is still great and satisfying. 'Baru kerja 1-2 bulan, kena jimat sikit duit'

    (Counted as accomplished)

    Passed ISO
    Thanks God! I did it!

    Iphone 2G
    I got it from my bro with a special feature on it - 'a broken LCD screen'. I repaired it last month and spent rm400 for it! Then, another problem came along as some part of the screen can't detect my 'finger-touch'. LOL. Rosak again. But the screen is OK already except for its body. That guy was too rough and he is not a gentleman. Don't make friend with him. He is bad. Now, I kept it on my shelf, didn't use it...I prefer my old W595. Muacks, muacks....
    (Accomplished. Iphone s***s!)

    A new car
    I planned it for next year but my parents planned it IMMEDIATELY!!! OK, there you go. They paid for the downpayment. That car is not Toyota Vios, it is a HONDA CITY! I like it veryyy muchhh... It makes me looking down on Toyota Vios and I started not to admire Vios. LOL. Bad huh? Vios sucks... Hahaha...
    (Counted as accomplished!)

    Trip to KK
    I planned it for months already and I'm gonna change it to 'Accomplished' soon by the end to this week. Hehehe...

    (Not yet, but very1000x soon...)

    I'm X_X

    I got fever last few days after I reached Bintulu that Friday night. I knew it already that I was not feeling well that morning till afternoon. Immediately I went to buy the bus ticket, and that evening after office hours I went back home...back in Bintulu.

    It cured me a little with my parents by my side. Lol...

    I got a flu and coughed several times. It totally spoil my plan to go out the next day to meet my friends in Bintulu. Well, I always got that feeling of joy and happiness everytime I stepped inside the Honda City. LOL.

    Now, I'm back for work and hopefully I'll get better and targetting this d*** flu will f*** off in these few days coz I got another nice plan by the end of this week. Yum, yum...

    Dude, I got to get better.

    But today's cold weather and the rain really make me disappointed as the flu was still there but not worsen.

    Anyway, I've done my task, my work and going to submit it soon my boss. Still, another tasks are going to reach my desk. I'm waiting.