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    Wednesday, January 30, 2008

    My Beloved UMP's Security Guard the the Magic Matric Card

    What is a Matric Card?
    It's just an identification card. A card which shows that you are 'that person'; working or studying in a company or university/college.

    The Truth about the Usage Matric Card
    We used to wear our matric card when we are going to the class, to the library, chancellor's office or to the faculty. That's fine. Because we should wear it as an identification that we are students not a staff or lecturer. Going to the class wearing matric card is relevant. That's what a student should do in any university or college.

    Wearing it in the library is also relevant as we, in UMP need that card to identify ourselves as a student in the university and has the right to borrow any books in the library, after all we need to use that card to borrow the books. (We are proud of this system actually.) Going to faculty, meeting the lecturer, yes we need it too. I agree with this rule as every university has this rule I bet.

    Coming back from the town, we need to show the matric card to the security guard, that's what we did this for 3 years. Is that true my friends???

    What Actually Happens to UMP Currently Regarding this Matric Card Issue.
    Just now in the evening, I read a memo from a student from UMP saying that he planned for a prayer at the masjid near KK1 but was 'stopped' by a security guard who was there at that time. It was late evening. The security guard asked him to show his matric card. That poor boy said he didn't bring it, afterall he was just about to go to the masjid for a prayer, not going out to the town or to the class or to the library or faculty. Then, that poor boy was told to go back to his house at KK2 to take his matric card. He did what was told to him.

    What the hell is this all about, Mr. Security Guard? He just planned to go for a prayer at the masjid and wearing matric, hanging around the neck while praying, is that relevant? Is that ok? He planned to meet GOD. GOD knows who is he even he is not wearing it! He didn't plan to meet you, Mr. Security Guard. Who wants to meet you? You didn't even care about the security of the students for the last few years.

    I said it because of the cases such as those missing laptops, LCD projector, missing motocycle and bla, bla... Did you care? YES U DID! BUT ONLY AFTER THESE CASES BEEN ANNOUNCED, BROUGHT TO THE MANAGEMENT AND BEEN TOLD TO THE SECURITY GUARD!!! HEY YOU, SECURITY GUARD!!! What have you done to this university? You had been assigned to make sure the university is secure and yet you FAILED TO DO SO!!!

    'YOU' don't have to be proud of being a security guard. Huh! You are not policeman and you just reach Form 5 for your education qualification! We are university students and we can recognize and know what is relevant and what is NOT! Wearing matric card when going to the masjid, jogging around the compound, playing with those kittens nearby the drains or greeting our friends from the opposite house is NOT RELEVANT AT ALL! All these are nonsenses! Even when you told this to a crazy man loitering around the town, he will laugh at you till death, that's for sure!

    (Mati ditetak)

    That day, you told me and my friends in the car, at the guard house that we should have our matric card hung around our neck when we were going back to the campus is sooooooo... d*** ridiculous! Please think logically, pleaseeeeeee... U said it's not from you but from the 'above'. Ok that's fine, but please be considerate a little, can? Help the students also. Even we know that YOU as a human being also has the brain to think what is logic, I mean relevant and not relevant. Help us too to say a few words to the 'above'. You don't have to give compound/fine to those innocents and those who are still fresh and new to these rules.

    Some are complaining that YOU gave them high tone of voices at one of the students. Huh! Who told you to do so? Your boss? Are you PAID to do so? Please be rational! You won't have your salary increased by doing so. Do you? Why suddenly you treat us like a kid? Small kid? We are above 21, even can married or going to the night clubs and f*** any girls around the town. So, why treat us like small kids?

    There was a day when my friends (female), those non-muslim friends had been warned not to wear sexy and exposing clothes when we were about to go back to the hostel. What the f***? I'm a male and I can't see any sexiness in their attire lerr...? OMG, what happen to this university? That's the clothes which they always use since last few years but why been warned that day? What happen to rules? Always changing from seconds to seconds? Are YOU expecting them (non-muslim) to wear tudung? Baju labuh? NO! Please... Am I talking too sensitive? Sorry if I am. Please consider those people. These UMP's security guards have to be exposed to the significant of 'diversity' in races, in Malaysia. You cannot hurt anybody's feeling in front of people like that. If there's the rule about this, why you didn't warn them few years ago? Why? Why? Is it fair?

    Security Guards in UMP suddenly react soooo.... obedient and loyal to the university's staff/security-in-charge. Why? Last few years you didn't act like this? Changing manager? Changing system? Changing mood? The boss changes his mood? Oh, probably his wife didn't want to make sex with him that night. Huh!

    MR. Security Guard, you don't have to show off by standing in front of the block W looking left and right like a fool or riding a terminator-like bike or feeling proud after you managed to give a fine to a student last night. Huh! Please remember that you cannot simply use that 'buku saman' to bully the students. Please remember you are not a policeman!!!


    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    Funny Football Quotes

    These quotes, taken from BBC Sports, just in case you haven't read them yet. Funny stuffs.

    "I don't know where Carlos keeps the dummy. He produces it from nowhere."
    Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick on Carlos Tevez's mysterious goal celebration prop.

    "Where do you keep it, dummy"

    "You probably think I'm Kenny Sansom!"
    Little Britain star Matt Lucas on meeting Wenger after the Frenchman admitted he had never seen the show.

    "I used to play left-back for Arsenal, you know?"

    and finally...

    "Dutch people generally are loyal, disciplined and straight to the point."
    Ryan Babel when asked in the Liverpool match programme 'How would you define Dutch people in THREE WORDS?'

    ~LangkahBaru said he didn't understand this, so I'm going to explain it right now...~

    1. 3 words - He should answer it 'Loyal, Disciplined, Straight to the point'
    Loyal, Disciplined, Straight to the point' - <<< 6 words
    3. He said Dutch people are 'straight to the point', but he himself (a Dutch) is not. So obvious!

    Haha!!! Funny now? Hehe...

    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    The 'Worst' Movie I Ever Watched, It's D*** S***s!!!

    Don't Ever Watch this movie!

    Don't watch this movie!!! Because it's worth neither your MONEY, ENERGY and TIME! Yucks! The 3 main reasons why I don't want to recommend this movie are:

    1) BAD directing
    2) BAD acting
    3) BAD dialogs

    Damn, I felt like wanna PUKE in front of my laptop. (Luckily I watched it from my friend's DVD and didn't go for the cinema). The graphic is absolutely amazing and nice but everything is so similar to Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Dragon Heart or maybe Eragon. Yucksss... No creativity at all! Uweksss...

    The worst is the directing... It's, it's...err... argh! And I don't even know the actors and the actress, I mean...are they famous??? The actings are sucks, as if they are freshiess who are learning how to act...something like a practise or bla, bla... Yucks! I prefer watching Teletubbies, Barney and Friends or Pingu than watching Dragon Wars.

    Oh, I don't even know how to make a review about this movie. I think they tried to follow movies like LOTR or Dragon Heart but...but...the actings...SUCKSss! Yucksss!!!

    1. It won't cost you anything.
    2. You should go for a Western Food than watching this movie in cinema or buying the CD or DVD.

    3. Not a good movie for those ABOVE 18! (U will regret till you can't say a word)

    4. You will regret the rest of your life watching this movie. Better go for donation to the poor.

    5. Tell you, after you read this, you will never going to watch this movie.
    That's GOOD!

    and finally...

    6. It's doesn't look like a Dragon war to me, but I think it should be 'Snakes Wars'. I didn't see any Dragon! Opsss... Did I? Oh Yes... The last part there is a dragon! Well, the last 15 -20 minutes are nice. :)

    This movie is completely YUCKS!

    Friday, January 04, 2008


    Aiks??? What is that?
    How on earth got this kind of product also arrr????
    (Malaysian knows it well)