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    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    First week of the new semester...

    Probably it could be late for me to blog and I can feel that it has been hundred days I didn't click that 'Create Post'. Hmm...blogging is such a fussy stuff to do and sometimes I don't feel like blogging since there's no internet at my area; I mean that KK2. Damn! I hate it, I hate it!!!

    Well, look like I'm gonna start my 'job' right now, starting with this topic 'First week of the new semster'...

    Well, as a student will be spending lots of money at the starting of the new semester. Books, A4 papers, food, drinks and many more. As if you are doing some preparation to go for a war; preparing lots of weapons before stepping on the battlefield.

    Lately, I've bought a 'SuperBike'! Hehe...

    My Super Bike >>>

    Its name is Vistana. Sounds like Hotel Vistana to me. Why they put that name on it? Hmm...

    Calculating all the expenses, I think I saw hundreds Ringgit flew off from my wallet. HUHU~

    And lastly, it's the first time Bob gave me a treat. A bowl of ABC special!

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Life without internet if staying in UMP

    I was totally mad when realized that there is no internet connection at KK2 in UMP. I was worried, don't know why. Actually, there is internet connection but the signal is very very low. The highest, strongest wireless signal I can get is just 'Very Low'! What da...

    So, don't expect me to update my blog frequently. Unless I have to stay at the KMC the whole day. But soon I will always be at the KMC more often as I will receive my new bicycle soon. Huhu~

    So, life without internet... BORING!!!

    Watching movies and dramas, loitering outside the house with friends, sleeping...

    Walking around KL city

    I went to KL last week with my parents, aunties and uncle before coming back to Kuantan. We walked along the city and went shopping. No problem for us because our hotel is just situated not far from the shopping complex. We stayed somewhere at Bukit Bintang.

    Around 9pm-10pm I think, we saw some guys sitting, squatting on the ground near the traffic light at Bukit Bintang playing some musical instruments. Drums, err...saxophone? err... I'm not sure whether that's a saxophone because it looks like a long bamboo chute to me. Then, they placed a hat in front of them, expecting us to donate some money for their lousy musics. But surprisingly, there're a lot of people stopped by to watch them performed. Well, somehow it's quite unique. Lot's of people took some photos of them and no doubt they are very proud. And I saw a guy suddenly approached and volunteered to dance. Huhu~

    Still at the same place but a bit
    further behind a row of shophouses I saw this (pic above)! Somebody hang those toys at their balcony. Nicely decorated!

    Drank the worst drink I ever tasted in my life! Bitter but it's good for health.

    And tasted the worst 'kolo mee' ever in my life. I asked for kolo mee, but they gave me this! What the ...

    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Holiday's over???

    I'll go to KL on the 4th, before going back to Kuantan on the 8th.
    Genting Highland, here I come!!!

    I'll update my blog as soon as I arrived UMP...