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    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Solar Eclipse on The 1st of August

    There's a solar eclipse soon on the 1st of August which will begin in Canada and continue northeast across Greenland and the Arctic, then southeast through central Russia, Mongolia and China. It will start at 8.30am GMT. In a much wider swath of the globe including the northeastern North America along with most of Europe and Asia, people will be able to see a partial eclipse.

    Probably in Malaysia we will see less than it's 'partial'. Huhu~ Malaysia +8.00 GMT, so that's mean around 4.30pm. Hmm... Am I right? I still feel that we don't have the chance to see it clearly. Don't hope for it k? Or else you will be so disappointed. Haha!

    Doggie Style

    Doggie style is cute. This style is very very rare which only the dogs will do. I heard pigs and other animals do that too. What's so interesting about doggie style? All of us know that this style is totally, absolutely d*** cute and everybody like it. Because of its 'cute-ness', everybody like doggie style. The way they sound, with that erotic voices make us biting our own lips and feel like want to 'squeeze' it and kill them straight away after playing with the dogs.

    Arghh... All of us know that we may own any kind of dogs, stupid dog, cute dog, beautiful dog, sexy dog, big dog, tiny dog and many more... Alright, am I talking too much? Haha... Let's do the doggie-doggie style...

    That milk bottle wasn't mine!

    Haha... I am giggling right now. Alright, there were 2 puppies in my house last week waiting to be transferred to Sarikei (my aunt needs them.) They're not my puppies, they were owned by my mum's friend. She gave them to my aunt since they already got a few puppies, born 2 weeks ago.

    Grrr... Squeeze, squeeze themmm....

    Look at the picture above. These puppies were laying on the top of the newspaper....which the picture of our Sarawak Chief Minister Pehin Sri Dr. Haji Abdul Taib bin Mahmud was printed on it!!!

    Message to CM: Sorry, it wasn't purposely to be placed in that box since we took them out randomly from our old newspapers collection to make it as the puppies 'bedsheet'. Opss...
    (Bad news: The puppies peed on him. Sorry!!!)

    More doggie styles...

    Yin Yang


    Flying Kick

    ...and the moo, moo thing...

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Toy Car

    The price of the fuel increased but the Terengganu's high rank government staffs are enjoying themselves with those Mercedes Benz Kompressor E200. Wow! I bet you've heard this news few days ago. Spending money for those luxurious car huh? I'm not sure whether they are using their 'own money' to buy those cars (14 cars!) or using the government's money.

    Mercedes Benz Kompressor E200

    If that is really true that they are using the government's money then we can imagine how lucky they are. I guess I'm going to be a minister or a high rank officer next time in future, yeah in Terengganu! I want that kind of car too. Ferrari also can. From the news, it says that even the PM and YB Najib are using Malaysia's national car, the Proton Perdana.

    Or if they want to buy a nice car with less fuel consumption then buy Perodua Viva. Can bring along 'jalan-jalan' one or two VIPs. Even YB Dato Seri Ahmad Badawi won't mind. Eh?

    Not a nasional car huh? Then, the new Proton Saga is OK also, dont you think? Saga is nice and suitable for the VIPs too. What's the use for being so shy to use the Saga?

    What happen to the Terengganu's government high rank staffs? Showing off, are they? Alright, if they are using their own money then, that's fine. Can't 'they' donate those money to increasing the subsidi for fuel? Or donate to the poor? They might not realized about the shocking increasing of fuel price because of their high paid salary, so they can buy that kind of luxurious cars. But can't they give the Malaysian a few seconds to think about the people, those poor people? The word 'million' of money that they use to buy those cars obviously hurts the poor people when they heard about the ministers buying that kind of cars for that amount of price. Alright, I'm jealous too.

    I'm OK if they are a Prime Minister but the PM himself didn't use imported cars. I want to suggest to the PM Pak Lah to use a helicopter everyday to go to work, challenge the Terengganu's high rank officers.

    Hmm... Possible? Impossible? At least I didn't suggest a 'beca'!

    Or maybe a 'kereta lembuuu'.

    Soon, more people will ask for more crazy transport...

    Their reason for buying the Mercedes Benz instead of Proton Perdana= Less maintenance.

    Solution to this problem = Don't driff using
    Mercedes Benz Proton Perdana!

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Darkness Behind the ABC's Book

    I'm sure all of you read ABC book before, so don't tell me you never. A Ayam, B burung, C Cili... I realized that the ABC book is still as boring as our young times ones. I guess even the kindergarden teachers also got fed up with all these books. Why? It's because the way they pick the sentence. It's d*** f***ing boring enough to make myself giggle when I read it.

    Come let me show you some...

    Comment: Chilli and cherry on the table. So what?

    Comment: Mouse on the hat. Huh? Why is the mouse on the head? What is the mouse doing on the hat? Isn't there no other sentence to be put for the kid to read? There are many more Malay words starting with the letter T. Atas topi huh, the mouse... Funny!

    Comment: Errr...

    Comment: Obviously funny! Hahahaha!!! Read it yourself. Don't you think it is so boring?

    If I can become the editor for the children's ABC book, it will look like this. It looks more interesting, not boring and can encourage the children to think more rasionally. At least, they won't get a nightmare because of my version.

    and my favourite will be...

    Nice, isn't it? Hopefully I can publish this version after few years later. Wish me luck ok?

    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Cheated or Careless?

    I bought a cooling fan last few weeks and I felt been cheated by them. I'm not satisfied and that's why I complained it over here to make myself satisfied.

    It says...

    Even the front layer of the box has written/drawn the add-ons on it.

    Unfortunate I can't find it, instead I found this sticker/note on it.

    When I opened it...


    Wow!!! Like a magic!

    Alright, I'm not happy with this. I've paid rm48 for this 3 in 1 stuff and they gave me this damn lousy fan. When I was about to go back to the shop I found out that it didn't mention that they include the 2 stuffs in it. It only mentioned 3 fans, no USB hub, no card reader.


    I shut my mouth.
    (Cheated or Careless?)

    Sunday, July 06, 2008

    I've Finally Found It!!!

    I found it at last! Yeahh!!! My favourite song. I've been searching for this song for years and finally I got it! It really brings back those old memories.

    "I love you"
    by Fun Factory

    Let's sing along...

    I love you
    You know that I do
    What can I do
    To find the truth
    You know I love you
    Forever and ever
    We'll be together
    And I'll do it all
    Just for you

    From the first time I saw you
    You had my heart
    I didn't know how to talk to you
    I didn't know how to start
    Two weeks later I saw you again
    My heart was beating faster
    It was adrenalin
    Your eyes, your smile
    And your beautiful face
    You caught me in the act
    And I thought I lost the race
    Let me tell you that I'm shivering inside
    I wanna hold your hand
    I wanna hold you tight

    Please be with me
    My love's so deep
    What can I do to be with you

    I love you
    You know that I do
    What can I do
    To find the truth
    You know I love you
    Forever and ever
    We'll be together
    And I'll do it all
    Just for you

    Sitting in the room
    Waiting by my phone
    Driving on the tour bus
    Can't wait to come home
    Miles and miles
    Between the two of us
    I need you girl
    Or my heart will bust
    I know it's hard for you
    When I'm far away
    But every single hour
    And every single day
    I think of you in a special way
    I love you girl
    In my heart just stay

    Please be with me
    My love's so deep
    What can I do to be with you

    I love you
    You know that I do
    What can I do
    To find the truth
    You know I love you
    Forever and ever
    We'll be together
    And I'll do it all

    I love you
    Forever and ever
    We'll be together
    And I do it all
    Just for you

    This goes out to all the lovers outside
    If you once find the right person
    Never let her go away

    Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    Sodomy, again!

    Isn't there anything else to do besides sodomizing somebody's kid? I can suggest raping, slapping, spanking, kissing, hugging, reading bedtime stories, fishing, foot massage, shooting porns, running naked around kindergartens and schools, and bla, bla...

    Hopefully Malaysia can solve this matter peacefully without hurting anybody.

    That's all for today. I want to rape somebody now. Choww....