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    Saturday, December 29, 2007

    Happy New Year 2008!

    I would like to wish all my beloved friends and relatives
    'Happy New Year 2008'
    and may all your wishes come true.
    Good Luck!

    Friday, December 28, 2007

    Time Between Woff, Woff and Grrr...

    I'm currently watching this drama series, 'Time Between Dog and Wolf'. A very nice one. Remember this guy Lee Jun Ki from 'My Girl' and Nam Sang Mi from 'The Sweet Spy'? Go and get it!

    Get the OST HERE!

    Monday, December 24, 2007

    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing all my Christian friends and relatives a very...

    Monday, December 17, 2007

    Now I support Man Utd

    Chelsea sucksss...

    Sunday, December 16, 2007

    Come on! Kick my A**! I vote for CHELSEA!!!

    ~Mok told me he's C.Reineiri not Houllier. Haha!!! I confused! :P~

    Well..haha... I'm not satisfied with my previous post. Still want to add somemore... somemore... somemore... haha!!!

    Alright, last 2-3 years, first time under Mourinho, Chelsea Fc doesnt have any famous stars? Maybe! Huhu! I started following Chelsea progress when I was in Matriculation college and I really doesn't have any hope for them, but they got 2nd under C.Reineiri!!! Then, J.Mourinho came and then they moved to the first. Football stars??? I dont even know each of their strength as I know at that time Arsenal and Man Utd were the top teams in the league.

    Stars? J. Terry? Who is he? He was just an ordinary defender like Rio Ferdinand or former Sol Campbel. But why under the Abramovich and Mourinho he got the awards, the became a worldclass like anyone else??? Aiks??? Why arrr???? Corruption? Hit me! Kick my ass! Who the hell are these people like John Terry, Frank Lampard? Striker??? Under Reineiri that time, Drogba was not there, 1st team striker was either Gudjohnson or Hasselbank. (Dont know how to spell their names) haha... And they got 2nd! Joe Cole was there too... Joe Cole is currently the English international Left Attacking Midfield! But before this, who the hell is Joe Cole? Frank Lampard and John Terry?

    Jose Mourinho brought in Drogba. I dont even know who he is. Is he good like Rooney? T.Henry? Alright, maybe some of you will say that my knowledge on football is err... bla, bla... But at least I can say a little about their progress. Huhu.. And now that Jose Mourinho brought in Sheva. Huh? Mourinho brought in Sheva? Who say so? Mourinho didn't even want Sheva here in Chelsea! Abramovich pulled him in! He is good enough? Why did I say so? Hey, Sheva is the most feared striker in the world , dude! But why Drogba...err.. :)

    Drogba's better than Sheva? Hehe... Hey, I think Drogba's better than Rooney! :P Or maybe as strong as T. Henry! Hey Rooney, watch ur attitude! Go and play some guitars! Drogba, give YOUR GOLDEN BOOT AWARD to Rooney, Saha, T.Henry or Adebayor! They might think they deserve it more compared to you! (T. Henry once owned it!)

    Joe Cole, your dribbling skills suckssss like HELL!!! Aiks... I can't understand how you could dribbling passed through Rio Ferdinand and err... Vidic I think, I forgot in the last 2 years' match (I think, I forgot!). Wow, you dribbled pass through 2 Man Utd's defender and scored??? Wow! Tell me you can F*** two women at one time too! Hey, did you watch the last World Cup? The goal scored by Joe Cole from far! You didn't watch? Oh, you missed the golden chance! How he scored? Did the ball touch the ground? No! He volleyed it IN!!! Damn, tell me C. Ronaldo did that too!!! J. Cole received the ball nicely on his chest and volleyed it in. Joe Cole, please quit from Chelsea and go to a better club! Not Arsenal, Liverpool or Man Utd!!!

    The FA Cup Final! Err... You want me to say something about this? Damn, it's Drogba again? Hellllloooo??? Where's Rooney? Where's the flamboyant C.Ronaldo? Van Der Saar, what happen to you??? "Oh, my hand's too short!" Huhu~

    Frank Lampard, you are sucksss tooo... Everybody thinks that you are as good as S.Gerrard. But hell NO! Coz you can't even score from the mid field. And because you scored a lousy goal when against Bayern Munich. And your penalty kick is succkkss... And you can't even do that stupid dribbling skill like Joe Cole! Aiks, why you are the first midfield to each 20 goals in the premier league??? Even C.Ronaldo who sometimes can play the striker role and with that beautiful dribbling skill (not like Joe Cole) also lost to you??? Funny huh? Hey, PUNCH ME! Am I dreaming?

    Petr Cech with the fragile skull received lots of awards for the best goalkeeper injured for months. Oh, so sad! We miss him! OMG, Chelsea's going to relegate! Haha... Funny huh? Aiks? 2nd? Oh, good that Man Utd is the 1st in the league!

    Injury, injury, injury... Huhu~ "When Chelsea stars start to injured, they will start to play poorly." Ooo... True also. Injured players mean that he can't play right? Then the team will lack of players. That's logic. Hmm... Oh, did Man Utd and Arsenal's player ever injured? Never and seldom? Good if never! Aiks... How come huh? Even if they are seldom injured but how come the last 2-3 years Chelsea got the 1st??? Why? Why? I thought even if the 2 clubs seldom injured they must be playing so perfectly and very strong, and got 1st in the league. But why, they still lost to Chelsea? Why? Why? <<< (Please answer this for me!)

    Chelsea lost the title to Man Utd last year. Why? Is it because of the injuries? Hmm... Some of you might say YES, and some of you might say YES. Some of you might say 'they are getting lousy' and play poorly. Hmm... Mirror it! Last 2-3 years Chelsea owned the Premier League Cup, can you say that Man Utd, Arsenal or Liverpool play poorly and they are getting lousy? HELL NO! LOUSY MY A**!!! Man Utd and Arsenal, go and grab that Champion League Cup like Liverpool! Chelsea, you too!!! Man Utd and Arsenal, you are not proven yet! Go and grab that CUP back to England!

    Man Utd, don't be so proud and boast too much!!! Arsenal now is on the top of the list. Starting tonight and the days onwards might be your days because you might be on the top by tonight. So Good Luck! Get get win. Tell you even if you got a draw, don't boast too much! Win? Haha... You just can boast for few weeks only. :P

    Well, Sheva's playing tonight.Good Luck to you Chelsea! Chelsea rulessss!!! Hehe.. :P

    Good Luck to Liverpool too...!!!

    Friday, December 14, 2007

    In My Heart, Still With Chelsea Fc

    Why Chelsea Fc???

    Frankly speaking they are strong and powerful like other clubs like Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona and etc. Disagree? Hmm... Alright, let me explain it one by one.

    1st - The Contender

    They are contenders too. They can score, they got 2 Premier League titles like Man Utd or Arsenal once did. So, I can say that Chelsea Fc are one of them too. Arsenal and Man Utd got their own football stars like Cesc Fabregas or Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo...or I can say Man Utd got most stars compare to Arsenal. Arsenal is a great team too and currently they are at the top of the league. Let's see if this Sunday match between Arsenal and Chelsea who's gonna win. Oh, Man Utd vs Liverpool this Sunday too.

    Alright, back to the football stars. Chelsea got their own stars too like Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchenko, Micheal Essien, Florent Malouda, Joe Cole and many more. U can say that they are not good enough like Man Utd, but why do you say so? Powerful striker like Wayne Rooney? Chelsea got Drogba, even Drogba is better than Rooney himself. And that's why Drogba always get lots of awards. So as Claudio Pizzaro who is a good striker too. He was once performing so well in Bayern Munich. And the most feared striker, Andriy Shevchenko from Ac Milan. Dribbling skills like Cristiano Ronaldo? Chelsea got Joe Cole, Kalou and Malouda. Hehe... Free kicks? Lampard and Alex the defender. Powerful defender like err...who arrr? I think there's no other defender who is better than John Terry. That's is why Chelsea is famously known for its defensive throughout the world.

    C. Pizzaro as Emperor J. Caesar

    So, I can say Chelsea is also a contender like any one else!!! Hahaha!!!

    2nd - The Heart of the Team

    Who is the heart of Man Utd? Cristiano Ronaldo? Arsenal? Cesc Fabregas? How about Chelsea? It's could be Lampard or Essien. These two guys can be the heart of the 1st team as they had a very good record as a midfielder. Scoring goals from the midfield? That's Frank Lampard. Versatile midfielder? That could be M. Essien, he scores, he passes, he can be a defender too! Essien is great! Penalty takers? Cristiano Ronaldo? We got Frank Lampard or M. Ballack. Oh, Ballack is back! Hehe... I almost forgotten Mr. Ballack.

    F. Lampard as Prince Charming ~ The Heart

    Did anyone still remember the goal that Lampard scored during the match versus Barcelona? He was at the position with his back facing the goal post and when he got the ball, he turned and scored the goal with his left feet. Another one is the goal he scored from the very corner of the field, against Barcelona too I think. :) Hmm... Did C. Ronaldo or Fabregas ever do that? Hmm....

    Last - Defensive

    John Terry is a must in the team. He is known as one of the best defender in the world. Why he was known as that? It's because he helped and saved his club a lot. His intelligence in passing the ball and his defending skills had been widely praised by the world. That's why in the news lots of clubs manager admitted that Chelsea has a good record in conceding goals. I mean, Chelsea is less in conceding goals. Even Petr Cech himself says that he has no worry when John Terry is in the team and John Terry can help him a lot in the game.

    J. Terry as Mr. Incredible ~ Save the world!

    So, love Chelsea! Chelsea Rocks!!! Hahaha!!!

    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    Somewhere Out There

    Don't know why suddenly I flashed back to my young times where I once loved this song. Till now I still like this song very much and today I try to recall the title and I found it. The title of the song is 'Somewhere Out There'. It's a song from a cartoon called 'An American tail'. It's cute too!

    I would like to share it to all of you. Hope you will enjoy it.

    Must Watch!

    Check out the videos. Hope you will love them! >>>

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    I'm not Loey!

    Vic Zhou, who was once a member of F4 had announced that he is not a member of F4 anymore!!!

    Haha, no laaa... This 'Silence' guy latest hit single is called 'Wo Bu Shi F4' meaning, I'm not F4. Really can't imagine how on earth he can think of singing this kind of song. But tell u, the MTV is quite nice eventhough he is not a good singer. Haha!

    Taiwanese star Vic Chou was having a fans meeting in Taipei on Saturday (Oct 27) to promote his latest album, and his other 3 buddies from F4 paid him a surprise visit to show their support. The trio only stayed for around 10 minutes… perhaps they didn’t want to steal the show.

    Check out this MTV >>>

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    My songs collection page

    Get your favourite Korean OST,
    and Chinese songs at

    (Click the link above)

    My Christmas Songs collection has already been viewed by more than 3ooo viewers!

    My Celebrity Look-alikes 2

    Damnnnn, I really miss this page >>> My Heritage

    It's already 8 months I didn't check which celebrities look like me. Eh, I look like them or what??? Do you still remember my previous post about this topic. Why don't you get a view of that post first first before you proceed. Click HERE.

    Alright, 1st shot! And I got this!!!

    It says I look like P Ramleeeeee (64%)..... Hahaha!!! Why, why? Why am I become so close to this guy? Hmm.. Really can't understand why but tell you, I won't keep a moustache. (Adeh... I almost forgot how to spell it.) Can't imagine if I put a moustache and smile like him. Alright, I'm the new version of P. Ramlee. Salute this legendary guy...

    Alright I don't even know this 'Mini' lady and Mischa Barton, but I know Misha Omar. PTPTN keeps looking for her. Then this Andy Lau guy, I think I really look like him coz in the previous post Andy Lau was there and once he got 67%, but now 54%. Hehe, I know why... He is getting older and doen't suit to my face at all. Haha!!! You are OUT!!!

    Huhu~ Kim Rae Won wooo...~ Wish I could be as tall as him. Huhu~ Aiks.... Yeah, like Yao Ming too ~ But this Houston Rockets guy doesn't really look gook looking to me. Hehe... And wow, cute little Cristina Ricci! Still remember this girl? When was small, she was one of the actress in Casper, the friendly ghost movie...

    Aiks Mr. Anuar! Boleh bila nyanyi nanti jangan tarik panjang-panjang? Pitching tu bolehlaa... Kena mintak ajar Tan Sri P.Ramlee sikit tauuu.... Kalu masih tak ubah-ubah, aku sepak kau pi zaman 60-an kang duduk sama2 ngan P. Ramlee... Hehe... Kidding, kidding...

    2nd shot!

    Yuck Francis Crick! Who is this Old Guy!!! Errr... Ronaldo? Errr... Well, I admire this guy because he was 'once' a powerful striker whom everybody will ignore his funny hair-style. Sekejap botak, sekejap ada rambut sikit, then suddenly got a bunch of hairs on the top of his head.

    Mr. Ronaldo, you must be KIDDING!

    and finally I got what I want... hehe!

    What! Stephen Chow again???
    (Damn, I getting more look like Stephen Chow!)

    Lee Hyori too??? I think that girl doesn't look like Hyori to me, but she looks like Jang Nara to me. Aiks, Ashton Kutcher also?

    Saturday, December 08, 2007


    I've moved the posts about my BAA Sec classmates to my newly made blog...

    Please visit
    (Click the link above)