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    Friday, March 30, 2007

    PERKASA'S Annual Dinner 2007 - Final

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    Sorrowful eyes - Ep6

    Joey: Hey, we need to talk.

    Lizzie: (Damn, it's you again) What? We?

    Joey: Yeah, come!

    Lizzie: Can't we talk here?

    Joey: I need a more comfortable place to talk. I mean we.

    (Lizzie paused for a few seconds)

    Lizzie: Alright then.

    Then, Joey went towards the Oiishi Restaurant.

    Lizzie: (Thinking) What? Bring me to this place to talk? Is he crazy?

    Joey saw Lizzie still standing right in front of the entrance looking up and down, left and right.

    Joey: Hey! Come in!

    Lizzie: Huh? You bring me to this place to talk?

    Joey: What's wrong?

    Lizzie was so confused. But then, slowly she moved her feet and stepped into the restaurant with lots of questions in her mind.

    Waiter: May I have your order please?

    Joey: Number 235 and a set of Salmon Sushi. Fresh orange juice please.

    Joey smiled when noticed Lizzie had a hard time choosing something to eat from the menu.

    Lizzie: Err... Give me a glass of plain water, please.

    Joey: Huh?

    Lizzie: Err... No! Fresh orange juice too please, Thank you.

    Joey handed back the menu to the waiter.

    Joey: What's your name?

    Lizzie: Err...err.. Lizzie.

    Joey: Hi, Lizzie! Nice to meet you.

    Lizzie: Huh? Err.. yeah...

    Joey: Lizzie, I'm waiting.

    Lizzie: Huh? Waiting? Waiting for who?

    Joey: Waiting for you to say sorry to me.

    Lizzie: What! You...

    Lorna: JOEY?

    to be continue....

    Thursday, March 29, 2007

    Sorrowful eyes - Ep5

    One day at Megamall Shopping Complex...

    Lorna: Joey, let's go to Oishi Restaurant. I'm hungry.

    Joey: Hmm... Japanese food, huh? I suggest we go to the Sushi King Restaurant coz' their Sushi is more delicious. Afterall, I'm not that hungry. Just want to take a few only. Don't you think, Nick?

    Nick: Well, err... yeah!

    Joey: Come! Let's go.

    (Suddenly, Joey saw Lizzie a few meters away from him.)

    Joey: Err... I want to buy something. Err... magazines! So, both of you can go first. I'll meet you there later ok?

    Lorna: What?!

    Joey: Don't worry, I just want to buy some magazines to read. Just give me few minutes and I'll be there. Ok?

    Lorna showed her disappointment clearly on her face. Joey touched her hand and held tightly to comfort her. Joey smiled at her.

    Joey: I love you. Go. Go with Nick first. I'll be there.

    Joey watched Nick and Lorna walked towards Sushi King Restaurant. Then, quickly he went to look for Lizzie. He saw Lizzie still standing at the gift shop.

    Joey: Hey, we need to talk.

    to be continue...

    Sunday, March 25, 2007

    Sorrowful eyes - Ep4

    Joey: Hey, YOU!!!

    Lizzie turned and frown at him.

    Lizzie: What?

    Joey: The 50cents. What do you mean by doing this, huh? What do you want from me?

    Lizzie: Huh? What did you say? What do u mean by 'what do u mean'? Did I ask anything from you? I just want to give the 50cents back to you because I owed you that. Didn't I? I didn't ask anything from you. You are the one who lent me the ...

    Before Lizzie finished her words, Joey threw the 50 cents coin on to the ground, in front of her. Lizzie was stunned as her eyes opened wide. So as her mouth as she was shocked with what Joey did in front of her. In front of everybody at the cafe.

    Joey: You know what? I can give RM100 right now if you want!

    Lizzie's face turned red. Embrassed mixed with anger. Then suddenly she kicked the 50 cents back to Joey and said...

    Lizzie: You know what? The beggers outside there need this! You are the most pathetic person that I've ever found in this world. Huh!

    Lizzie walked away leaving Joey with nothing to say.

    to be continue...

    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    PERKASA'S Annual Dinner 2007 - Part 2

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    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    PERKASA'S Annual Dinner 2007 - Part 1

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    Monday, March 19, 2007

    An evening at Megamall (A day before PERKASA Annual dinner)

    ~Some of my friends are complaining why I use simple English? WTF~ Is it wrong to use simple English? I can use harder ones anytime I want. It's my blog, so I can do anything with it. See, I'm not taking TESL like my bro did. Honestly, just to tell you people that my MUET only got 4. Well, I won't ask for more, as long as I can speak, write correctly and everybody understands. I admitted that there might be some grammar mistakes that I 'accidentally' did it. So, please forgive me for these damn f***ing wordsssss...~

    I went to Megamall Shopping Complex again the day before the PERKASA Annual Dinner 2007 with Real_cranium and friends. They were so excited to choose the best outfits for themselves for that dinner. I've bought mine few days ago, so I just walked around the shopping complex expecting to see something weird and interesting for my blog.

    Well, nothing special actually but I realized that I kept on looking at those gigantic columns. Like Prof Ir. Dr. Hj. Fadhali (not the real name) said, we as civil engineers sometimes didn't even look at the architectural values and those structural designs on that building. It is because all the while we were just spending the precious times for foods and nice clothings.

    That evening, Victor Wong aka Pin Kuan was visiting Megamall to promote Digi and entertained some of his fans. Well, as you can see from the picture below not many people are coming. Hmm... What I can say, I really don't like him. Guang Liang is better.

    It's dark already. Faliq (not the real name) and I waited at one of the entrances at the shopping complex (it's an automatic sliding door actually), waiting for one of our friends to finish his shopping. I saw something... >>>

    ... saw some dummies exhibited behind the glass. Nice shirts and jeans. But then I sensed something wrong with one of the dummies. See the arrow? Let me show you a nearer view...

    WOW!!!!! Levi's panties!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the 'Unbutton jeans'. Wow! Nice, Nice!

    Then, we went to Kuantan Parade. Saw Kolej Shahputra's students doing some performances...err...speech? Argh, don't know lah... Who cares? As long as I know that nobody was taking part in that program. What a pity! Hahaha... Bad boy!

    I went to the Soft Skill Seminar last Saturday (Not learning to be a pondan laa...) and one of my friend, Fadli aka Hans Isaac mentioned 'again' that I look like Stephen Chow. WTF~ Same arrr? I don't think so laa... I look more cute and handsome than him leh..Hehe... Cewahh... Poyo! The first person mentioned that I look like Stephen Chow is my
    Labuan's Matriculation College Chemistry lecture, Mr. Hasmeer. Everybody was laughing at me. Fine! Happy now larrr!!! WTF~

    Same? Uwekss.......

    ~Next post : PERKASA Annual Dinner 2007 Part 1~

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    Sorrowful Eyes - Ep 3

    Lizzie: Err... Hi!

    Lizzie bravely started the conversation.

    Joey: Huh?

    Lizzie: What?

    Lizzie turned around because she felt someone was standing behind her. She saw a girl looking at her and then looked at Joey. Lizzie looked so confused and didn't even know what to do next.

    Lizzie:(Thinking) Who is this girl anyway? Why she keeps on looking at me this way?

    Lizzie: Err... Nah! Take it!

    Lizzie placed a 50cents on the table.

    Lizzie: Err... I owed you 50cents, right? So here it is.
    (Lizzie said to Joey and walked away in a shame.)

    Lizzie:(Thinking) What the f***! What the hell is going on? What the hell is going on with me? What am I thinking?

    Joey: Hey, You!

    to be continue...

    Sorrowful Eyes - Ep 2

    The next day at the cafeteria...

    Jane: He just don't even know our problems. As if we have lots of free times. We got hundreds of undone assignments and projects. Can't he just reconsider the situation? Really pissed me off.

    Lizzie didn't listen to what Jane said. Her eyes kept on moving left and right as if searching and waiting for someone.


    Jane: Liz! Are you listening to me?

    Lizzie: That's him!
    (Lizzie suddenly shouted. She saw Joey walking towards the cafeteria.)

    Jane: What? Who?

    Lizzie: Err...huh? Err.. no! Err... I mean the lecturer.

    Jane: Where? Where?

    Lizzie: Err... Already disappeared. Hehe...

    Jane: Huh!

    Lizzie: Err... Jane. Err... Phoebe called just now, asking your help to unlock the door. Hehe... I've forgotten my key too. Hehe... Sorry for troubling you.

    Jane: Huh! Alright. Don't you wanna go back to the room too?

    Lizzie:, no. Err... I want to go to the library after this. See you in the room later.

    Jane: Alright! See you later.

    Lizzie: Alright.

    Jane went back to her room.

    Lizzie: Pheww~. Argh!!! Joey, Joey. Where is he? Where is he?

    Lizzie looked left and right searching for Joey.

    Lizzie: Oh my God! Where is he right now? Damn it!

    Lizzie was cursing herself. Sadly and with disappointment, she took the bag and ready to go back to her room.

    As she was about to leave the place where she sat, she saw Joey sitting exactly right behind her. Her eyes and her mouth opened wide. Joey was sitting alone behind her. Sucking an orange juice through the straw.

    Lizzie: (Thinking) Oh my God, What am I going to do now? Leave this place or talk to him? Argh... I won't miss this golden chance.

    Closing her eyes, she said to herself "Come on, be a brave Lizzie. Be a brave girl." Then, she walked towards him, grabbing her palm tightly and swallowing down her saliva to cool her down.

    Lizzie: Err... Hi!

    to be continue...

    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Sorrow Eyes - Ep 1

    One day at the cafetaria...

    Aunty: All together RM5.50.
    Lizzie took out a RM5 note out from her pocket.

    Lizzie: Err..
    (Lizzie blinked her eyes)

    Joey, standing next to her, placed a 50 cents on the table. Smiled at Lizzie and walked away.

    Lizzie was speechless, looking at Joey as he walked away.

    Suddenly, Joey turned back and walked towards her. Lizzie smiled at Joey, ready for some conversation with him. As Lizzie started to talk...

    Aunty: Haha! Hey Boy, forgot to take ur food? Hahaha...

    Joey: Haha, yeah. Don't know why suddenly I lost my concentration and hehe... forgot to take it. Thank You, Aunty!

    Aunty: Haha. Welcome. Next time don't forget to take what you've bought.

    Joey: I won't, Aunty! Trust me, hahaha...

    Lizzie who was standing beside them, smiling while listening to their conversation. Then, Joey walked away. Lizzie realized that Joey was blushing. She smiled again.

    Lizzie: Aunty, do you know him?

    Aunty: Of course I do, my dear. My regular customer. A very friendly boy.

    Lizzie: I see. May I know who is he?

    Aunty: Haha... What's on your mind, my dear? Alright, I'll tell you. His name is Joey.

    Lizzie smiled and nodded her head while looking at Joey walking away until he disappeared from her sight.

    Monday, March 12, 2007

    Jum Heboh - Kuantan, 11th and 12th of March

    Last night, we (my roommates and I) went out to Kuantan. Loitering at the Megamall Shopping Complex is a must. Releasing tense is the main reason after the whole day doing that RC design project. Phew~ At last it's done. We submitted it this early morning around 7.15am.

    Back at Megamall Shopping Complex, as usual there were lots of people. Looking at those 'lenglui(s)' really help releasing tense. As usual, I'm not satisfied with those couples. Pretty girls with their lousy Bf. Uweksss... Some of them were sexy and hot enough for me to get 'stimulated'.
    (Haha... Loey, don't be so cheeky laa... Damn it!)

    I saw a nice cap and managed to take a photo of it >>>

    ... but ended up taking this cap back >>>

    ... but i still like the previous one. Duh!

    After loitering around the Megamall Shopping Complex, Real_cranium went jamming with his band, leaving me and some of my friends at the 'Jum Heboh Carnival' at the Padang MPK.

    I saw something nice and colourful, like a row of colourful ice cubes >>>

    ... but actually it is an alarm clock displaying the time, alarm, date and temperature too. Before bargained : RM13. After bargained: RM10.

    Unfortunately, it didn't display the amount of water left in UMP.

    Bought Maggi noodles for RM5... as if I can't find them anywhere in Kuantan.

    Realized how cruel the Kuantan people are by hanging the Pontianak on the top of the tent.

    Realized that the Pontianak has a lousy hair style. I should bring her to Maroon Hair Saloon. Bought some sexy hot dress for her to wear. I'm sure all the couples at Megamall will be jealous and shocked, wondering how on earth a scary Pontianak can turn into a hot sexy Pontianak. Then, named her 'Penelope' instead of Pondan (Aww...), or Antelope.
    (Caught some naughty boys trying to peep from the bottom to check whether she is real. Well, that's normal.)

    Hotlink is great! Err.. Where is Celcom? Where is Digi?

    An air balloon>>>

    ...but didn't fly.

    I realized that my
    Girlfriend was naked all night long. Exposing her naked sexy hot body to everybody at the Jum Heboh. Duh, 'heboh' all around the place. Although she is not a virgin now because of me, but still I have the responsibility to keep her safe and not letting her down. So, I bought something for her to show that I love her and always care for her. So, I managed to buy some nice clothes for her, covering her back and her front >>>


    ...still, she was naked for the whole night. It's a transparent clothes! Haha!!! WTF~

    Holding her tight in my 'palm', we enjoyed a beautiful scenery in the sky...

    ~About the boys caught peeping the Pontianak, it is not true laa... Joking only! Haha...~

    Saturday, March 10, 2007

    Damn, You Stink!

    ~Just published my previous post, now writing something again on this post. ~

    Yeah, yeah... already completed doing my Reinforcement Concrete Design project report. Damn, I'm so tired that I really need a long rest. People say 'fati-gue'. For those non-civil engineering students, don't ever think that this is a very simple project arr... Designing a building/house for us is like solving thousand of mathematics/calculus questions.

    Besides that, this project report also involve people's life. Wrong calculations, you are dead! Why? Simple, people living inside the house/building injured. What can you say? Your mistakes? Definitely yes! The first thing the media will do is to interview you (the engineer), asking about the building's failure. Then, Board of Engineer will look for you, discussing about the matters. If you can't explain anything, or telling them that's your mistakes, the next day you will be in the court. Soon you will be in the jail; and fined.

    Designing building/house easy? If you ask a civil engineer or let's say a civil engineering student, he/she will show you this >>>

    It's me and my group members' project report. Most of them are the calculations. Handwritten calculations. Easy? 2 cm thick! Then, we went to the lab to use the concrete designing software to design. Really pissed me off because, with that ESTEEM concrete designing software we can design the whole thing just in less than an hour. Damn! It takes almost a month to finish our project if we did it manually. But by using the software, just one hour will be enough. You can have the next hour to do other things, or even sleep for the whole week.

    One problem gone, another problem comes....

    I thought after spending days for the project I can have a nice shower in the bathroom, unfortunately I can't. No water supply again...and again... Really pissed me off! No water supply with the hot weather could really kill a person like me. Argh...

    Today, my roommates and I went to the Plaza Tol Gambang to take a nice cooling shower. What a relief! Ah~~~

    Why UMP always have this kind of problem? Haihhh ~~~ They said the water shortage is because of the broken pipes. Pipes made from glass, huh? Why don't just repair it or buy a new one? Simple! This water shortage can continue up to few days, don't you know? Argh....

    Before taking bath...

    After talking bath...

    Taking my bath with this kind of hose.

    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Trying to be a hero?

    ~Somebody complained that my latest post is too 'not suitable' to be published. Well, for us above 21 years old feel that, I think it is ok. Nobody is complaining about my previous. For those under 21 years old of course not suitable laaa, because they are not matured yet and still shy2 about these stuffs. After all, I didn't publish any nude photos with naked chicks and ducks doing some hot nude actions/scenes, did I?~

    ~This post doesn't contain any nudity. So, enjoy it with peace.~

    My Engineering Economic lecturer, En Rozi (not the real name) just told us about the corruption issue that happened in the country. Well, if it involved the high-ranked officer then I, I mean 'we' will feel that this is definitely a very serious issue.

    Actually, I never thought that corruption is such a serious case. After thinking for some times, I realized that we should prevent this and never let it becomes worse days by days.
    (Loey, why are you suddenly so patriotic?)

    Try to imagine that if Pn. N (Fakh's favourite) steals your mouth-watering fried chicken and then you try to report it to the police officer (trying to be a hero by catching the thief) but end up with the police officer holding the drumstick, looking at you! With Pn. N sitting beside him. WTF~

    Sometimes you can't expect a high-ranked person to be very 'clean'. He/She might look so 'clean' from outside but looks like 'shit' from inside. Like my old Grandpa said "Don't judge a book from it's cover". Even my mum said so. My dad also.

    Hmm... sometimes, trying to be a Hero is fun and it makes you famous, but can't really guaranteed you some hot chicks and ducks. You will going to have lots of enemies trying to stab you from the back. And you will have to learn some martial arts to kick their ass-es.

    By the way, I'm a 'Heroes' tv-series addict. Not sure why I like it. But, for me it looks so cool and so awe inspiring. Do you want to be like them? Everybody got their own super power. I was addicted to 'Prison Break' before but now I preferred Heroes than Prison Break. Probably I'm still like a small kid with those silly imagination such as flying, invulnerable person, invisible man, producing fire and sparks with our own hands and bla, bla, bla... Wow, don't you think it's great? Don't you want to return to the young times? Hmm... the director of that tv series has the same thinking like mine too maybe, hehehe....

    If I am one of the 'heroes', I want to be the Radioactive Man. It looks so cool with those sparks coming out of his palms. Cool huh? Well, actually he exploded the whole house...hehehe... Bad guy! Real _cranium can be this guy too... Playing to much guitar and electric organ makes his fingers exercise and ... err... (cranium, you complete it yourself!) Ever imagine that you have those hands which can help you to play guitar better? Don't ever imagine that your guitar can become riffle which can shoot people's butt!

    One of my classmate, Nor Hidayah can take Hayden aka Claire's place because last Saturday, with her bandaged fingers she played bowling. Wow! Finger injured still can play bowling arrr...? Like Claire (Heroes), she can heal. Dayah can heal? :)

    Actually, I've been keeping this post for the last 3-4 days. However, I managed to finish my RC design project just now. No sleeping for the whole night, no breakfast in the morning, no lunch in the afternoon and no dinner at night. But still, I got some energy to complete this post. I think I'm going to be one of the heroes, with some kind of super powers that can make myself stay strong and healthy even without sleep and meal.

    Like usual, I will surf net and search for some weird funny photos and I've found one that related to the Heroes Tv Series. She has a very special power which is >>>

    Hey, this is not a nude picture, ok? She's not naked, right? Then, I'll be safe from the comments about my blog. Phewww ~

    Well, if I have a super power I don't want to be like this man >>>

    ...or else people will say that I'm such a 'Kepo' person...

    ~updating my next post "Damn, you STINK!"

    Sunday, March 04, 2007

    What happen to some of the human beings in this world?

    What a nice bowling game yesterday! My right thumb became red and it's painful. After the game, my friends and I went to a place to have our lunch around the Megamall Shopping Complex area. I was looking for a toilet to pee-pee and finally found one at the food court. As I was going to enter the toilet, usually I will look around for the tag 'Male' and 'Female'. I did. And found something wrong and weird to the entrance of the toilet. No tag. It's ok.

    Usually, the owner will scribble something on the wall. Usually it is 'Male' and 'Female' to differentiate both genders.
    (How about those Transexuals? Where will they go? Anybody knows?)

    Yes, I saw something on the wall. Those scribbles made by the owner of the food court ~ to differentiate both genders. But then after I read those scribbles on the wall, I was confused. Want to know why?

    Have a look...

    Usually people will write F, for female... M for Male. (In English). Whereas, in Malay P for female and L for male. So, which room do you think I went into?
    (Those Chinese words written are correct!)

    Female vs Lelaki
    Female vs Ladies
    Faraj vs Lanciao (opss!)

    I just don't understand whether they planned to write that in English or Malay? Luckily, I know how to read a little Chinese words. Finally, I went to the right side toilet. And I was thinking about it whether I entered the correct toilet or not while pee-ing. Some of my friends probably didn't notice it . But they might notice this...

    Can't imagine this type of warning poster also got... Haha... Maybe some of my friends know which toilet it is. Funny, funny... Err, anyone stand on the seat? Well, some of the people don't like to sit on the seat because, just imagine that hundreds of people sharing the same toilet bowl and sticking their ass-es on it which those ass-es come in all kinds of sizes. Haha!!! Eh, no-one knows if one of them got ringworms on his/her ass... Spreading disease. Ai yerrr....

    Well, I'm not saying that I stand on it ok? :P

    Eh, how about you? Haha...

    I've just read Fakh's blog about those spoilt kids. Their age might be around 20's like us, spending some sweet moments with their love ones. Are they students? If they are students, don't they have assignments to do? Damn it, I still got Thesis and RC project to do and really don't have the time to loiter around the town. Not studying? Working? No jobs?

    Some of the couples can really make me laugh, or maybe I'm jealous. For example, the girl is so beautiful and the guy is sucksss. Sucksss like hell. Even my Grandpa is more handsome than him. Or maybe the guy is handsome but the girl is err...sucksss like err... how to say huh? Err... no idea. (Someone please help me to complete the sentence, thanx!) Why seldom got perfect couples?

    Hmm, sometimes I still feel that most of them have to act more like a gentleman or more romantic. Coz, some of the guys are so rough to the girl. Poor girl... Some of them are not that matured. Even those kids belows 20's are trying to expose themselves with all kinds of jewelleries and thick make-ups. Haihhh...

    I saw this picture (below) while surfing the net...

    What are they doing? Lousy pose! No meaning at all. Really don't know what does it mean. Hallucination? The girl on the top on the err...(don't know what is it) is testing her 'Osim I-gallop' and the bottom one is trying to imagine how she is going to lick the ice-cream if she has no hands. And the promoter on the left is doing a GREAT job.

    Actually, I don't want to publish this picture below but... all of you must take a look at it >>>

    I don't know which school is that but what the hell is the teacher doing in that photo? And for what purpose those two disgusting-yummy girls doing that 'kissing' thing? Damn it, I was hoping that I was one of those two. Arghhh... Anyway, I got this photo from a website. Forgot already which website is that. Sorry arrr.... Anyway, Nice photo, huh? Hehehee! :)
    (Teacher, are you the one who ask those two girls to kiss? :P )

    Argh... See, nowadays there are a lot of the unexpected things happened in this whole. Spoilt kids doing such, such, such err... (Complete the sentence for me!)

    Transexuals, lesbians, gays...hahaha... Damn! What a lousy taste they got! Disgusting! Yuck! Uwekssss...!!!

    Anyway, rapists are the worst!!!

    Coz they can be anywhere around the world. Or they might be very2 'Close' to you! :)

    At least they didn't steal balls :)

    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    Oh, it's so sensitive!

    Pissed me off! Don't we have our own freedom to speak silently in our own blog? My friend, Fakh was attacked by an anonymous lady called Cik Kamariah regarding his latest post. Well, I guess it was just some comments from him only larrr... Why do we have to take it so seriously? Obviously, he was just trying to make fun of it. Not seriously intend to criticize the 'Management' laa... Well, sometimes when we read people's blog, we can feel the joy or the fun expressed someone to everybody. Am I right? I'm sure some to the blog readers also feel the same too. Maybe 'she' has to learn how to do some blogging stuff.

    Why? Is it too sensitive? Like I mentioned earlier, he was just trying to do his responsibility to entertain all the blog readers with his own special abilities, which is the ability to create brilliant topics for his post. ( me!) So, I guess let's make it, a funny stuff to read, also to release tense after doing some delayed RC projects and undone Thesis.

    So, do you people think Fakh's latest post is sensitive? Well, I guess this post (the one you are reading right now) is the most sensitive than any posts you ever read until now!) So, you want something more sensitive? You'll get it! I promise...

    There you go...

    Well, still got some people failed their own national language. Sensitive? No? Alright! There are more actually...


    Wow! Sensitive enough?
    (These are actually printed on the dresses. The dresses aren't see through. Only the Japanese can do this.)

    The most sensitive part of this post....

    Pooping Crane Technique

    Praying Mantis in Tight Skirt

    Drunken Old Man

    Crouching Tiger

    Hidden Dragon