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    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    An Evening Trip to Bekelah Waterfall

    Last few weeks, me, my housemates and some friends went to Bekelah's waterfall. Well, it's about less than an hour to reach there. But still we have to walk deeper into the jungle till we reached the waterfall. It feels like jungle trekking..

    There you go...

    Nice hilly scenery

    Saw this signbord while on the way to the waterfall.
    Errr... bombs? Explosives?

    Interviewed by Mastika

    That's what I called 'jungle trekking' before reaching the waterfall.

    Rocky path

    That's it!

    Fakh was trying to test his floating skill and I helped him.

    It's about time to leave.

    We saw an underwear left by one of the visitors who rushed back home, without err... 'underwear'?

    And I played with it. (I didn't touch it, ok?)

    As a memory...

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    We, brothers are Crazy (if taking photos 2gether)!

    We can't have a totally nicely taken photos if both of us stick together. Well, don't compare between both of us. He is my real brother!

    Let's start






    Let's start spoiling those photos ok, Bro? 'OK!'




    Peace for the Oink, oink!

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    A very tiring weekend in KL

    I went to KL on last Saturday to meet my parents and my brother who will go to US tomorrow. Well, that morning I went out to Kuantan to settle all my PSM's stuff and went loitering around at the shopping complex with somebody. Have some Japanese food for lunch and then rushed back to the campus to pack all my stuff to bring to KL.

    Damn it. So tiring. I slept in the bus all the way to KL. And that night, we faced a problem; looking for a place to stay. But end up staying in a suite. What?!!! Suite??!!!

    Just a lousy suite with a small cute staircase at the door. It's the first time in my life I stayed in this kind of room/suite.

    But it really look luxurious... Got a few nice sofa inside the room.

    I can imagine that this room is suitable for the VIPs, the head of the gangsters, mafia-s or bla, bla... It's because they can sit down there at discuss what their next mission is.... Huhu~

    Prostitution? Err... I don't dare to say... It's a nice place for making love. Huhu~ The bed is very soft and so comfortable. Hehe.... But the toilet looks so dirty. Obviously, there are some stains on the towel. Uwekss... Iyerrr...

    Then, we went out for dinner and met the former tallest man in the world. The current tallest man is a Chinese.

    You have to pay RM10 to snap a picture with him. He will sit next to you! Then, You will feel that you are just a little tiny mouse taking picture with a big weak cat. Err... He looks so weak, balancing himself with a cane.

    Well, that's all to today...

    Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    Cracks at Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan!

    ~It's been a long time. I miss my blog!!!~

    They painted it this way!!!

    I wonder what is the purpose of painting it that way? Don't you realize that it's a weird funny pattern for a building? Engineers hate cracks on buildings, but this... ????

    Maybe they will say "We purposely do it because the manager wants it that way." or "We do it that way to cover the 'real cracks'!"

    I wonder how much money will be paid to the painters to paint it that way. I can volunteer to do it for free!!!

    Alright, friendsss... Maybe you know why they do it this way, please tell me ok?