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    Saturday, October 20, 2007


    I read an article from NST, just wanna share with u all...

    Brandishing of the keris by Education Minister Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein at the Umno general assembly earlier this year: Some saw it as a call to Malay patriotism and unity; a call to his party members to be fearless and to fight for a better life. Some saw it as a display of martial power; of a warning to others, especially members of other races. Some saw the keris as a symbol of Malay energy and fearlessness; some saw it as a weapon that can kill. To some it was a harmless gesture, to others a harmful gesture.

    A Hindu stands before a statue of Lord Muruga with hands clasped in prayer. To him it is a symbol of God, a representation of the divine and one of the approaches through which he attains the Almighty or Self. To someone else, it is a figure in stone. To someone else it looks like he is praying to an idol. The Hindu knows he is praying to the divine through the symbol.

    Malaysians are calling Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor -- the first Malaysian in space -- an angkasawan, which translates into "astronaut". The Russians say he is a cosmonaut while the Americans refer to him as "space flight participant".

    What is history if not an interpretation of the past and its significance? When I was in primary school, for instance, the first British Resident of Perak, James W. W. Birch, was the hero and Maharaja Lela -- the man who is said to have killed him in 1875 -- the crook. Today, children learn that Birch is the villain and Maharaja Lela the patriot.

    Morality is very much a matter of interpretation. A show of breasts, for instance, is perfectly moral in some societies but not in others. What was immoral 100 years ago may not be so today.
    ___________________________________________________ interesting case of the housewife in Chukai, Terengganu, who told police she went to bed about 5am on Oct 11 after making preparations for Hari Raya Adilfitri. Her husband had gone to work. About an hour after she went to bed, she felt the warmth of a man beside her and they made love. Later, when her husband walked in and asked her about the man who had walked out of their room, she said it was a case of mistaken identity. She lodged a report that she had been raped and police picked up a colleague of the husband who had been staying with them.She had thought the man who had shared the bed with her was her husband. She had, it seems, interpreted it wrongly.The police are working on their own interpretation of the events that transpired.

    Then there is the case of the 14-year-old from Mersing who spent the night at her boyfriend's house on Oct 10. After returning from a stroll with a girlfriend, they went to her boyfriend's house at 11pm. The boyfriend's family allowed the girls to sleep in the hall. When everyone had gone to sleep, the boyfriend invited her into his room. The girl, it appears, misinterpreted his intentions and went in. The next morning, she lodged a rape report against him.

    ~Adeh, aku salah faham...~

    Thursday, October 11, 2007


    Just now, I went to the cafe to buy something for my porridge, for lunch. I bought 2 sausages and a small piece of chicken meat. I was shocked when the 'tauke' said 'RM3'. What! RM3 my A**!!! I was shocked but I just keep quiet and paid the money.
    Damn it!

    Can you believe it? Is it reasonable? RM1 for each! Luckily I didn't take his rice and that will cost me RM4!!! I can buy lots of thing with that RM3.

    What I can buy with the RM3:

    1) 2 plates of nasi lemak with egg on the top at Restoran Keluarga, Gambang.
    2) Three 99cents icecream
    3) A plate of nasi ayam sold at the cafetaria
    4) 3 glasses of either orange juice, sugarcane juice or bla, bla which cost RM1 each.
    5) 6 glasses of syrup which cost 50cents each
    6) Maybe 2 roti canai
    7) Two 1.5L RO water
    8) Bus fare to Kuantan which will cost me RM2.50
    9) Chicken skin - 3 bags sold at the pasar malam
    10) A big packet of tissue paper which contains 12 small packets inside it
    11) RM3 fuel for Pendi's motorcycle during the Hari Raya holiday
    12) RM3 fuel for Mokzaini's car fuel to go to Jaya Gading
    13) Wash 20 pieces of my clothes by the using the washing machine at KK2, cost me RM2 only.
    14) A cylinder of Pringles
    15) Donate to 3 beggers, RM1 each. Huhu~
    16) I forgot this >>> 2 Mash Potato at Esso!!!

    OMG, I'm damn stingy!!!

    ~This kicking my own A**... ~!@#$%^&*!@#$%^&*~

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Selamat Hari raya

    Glitter Words -

    ~ To ALL my Muslim Friends, Selamat Hari Raya! Bring along something for me yaa when you are back! Hehe...~

    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Malaysian University's Life Boring???

    ~Really very2 sorry that the update was so late till some of you are requesting for it so badly. Alright, this is the latest post for you...~

    Last few weeks there's something happened to the campus. It' s getting more boring. Wanna know why? Look at the picture below >>>

    This message is pasted on the cafeteria's table
    (Obviously, this message is not for the non-muslims, hehe...)

    Don't you think when the law gets more strict, it's getting more boring? Why? It's because we can't really have a good moment doing what we wish to do. Haha... I don't related that photo to me laa... Crazy ka? Pity those 'regular customer' (those couples who always spend their time with their loves ones), they can't enjoy that experience. Hmm... Yeah, it's true that the Malays cannot do that, so better don't lor...yaaaa my friends. Susah juga nanti kena kompoun... huhu~

    Well, this will bring a bad image to the University too but for the students it's like a heaven if their university allows it. Haha... True, true???

    Besides that, it is crazy also to sit on the grass discussing and chitchatting on the park around the university's compound here in Malaysia. Sitting on the grass and discussing anything, laughing and gossipping... Wow... Haha... You dare to do it??? haha... Students from other country's universities are able to do that just because their weather is not very hot, and I'll definitely laugh at anyone who dare to do that here in Malaysia. Haha...

    We should try this (sitting on the grass); and chitchatting

    Just imagine I read a book or doing my revision at the park, sitting or laying on the grass reading the books... Crazy! Hahaha... Boring, boring...

    I wonder if I can concentrate reading my books if I do this...

    At least until now I didn't see any crazy and 'bored' UMP's student riding a horse in the university...

    Till now I haven't seen any cheerleaders in Malaysia. Can you show me if there's any universities in Malaysia is doing that coz I wanna take a photo of them... Hehe... I wonder what those Malaysian going to wear...

    Err... Prom night? Dancing with partners... Hmm... I heard once UMP's students organized this event. Shhh... Some of them even hold a party anytime they want and for those lucky guys, they won't miss the opportunity to have sex in the room while the others are partying... Huhu~

    Lastly.... kissing in the university?????
    (Err... Please ignore Batman and Robin, hehe...)