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    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    Do Malaysia's Patriotic Songs help?

    1. "Negaraku" (National anthem)
    2. "Jalur Gemilang" (Flag anthem)

    3. "Malaysiaku Gemilang" ("Glory of My Malaysia" - The Anthem for the 50th Merdeka Day)

    4. "Gemilangku Malaysia"

    5. "Benderaku"

    6. "Keranamu Malaysia" ("For You Malaysia")

    7. "Setia" ("Loyal")

    8. "Rukun Negara" (Ideology songs)

    9. "Perajurit Tanah Air" aka "Inilah Barisan Kita"

    10. "Pahlawanku" - by Siti Nurhaliza

    11. "Berkorban Apa Sahaja" - by P. Ramlee from the film Hang Tuah

    12. "Perwira" - by Saloma

    13. "Joget Malaysia" - by P. Ramlee and Saloma

    14. "Bahtera Merdeka" - by Aishah

    15. "Sejahtera Malaysia"

    16. "Tanggal 31 Ogos" (National day songs) - by Sudirman Arshad

    17. "Tegakkan Bendera Kita" - by Sudirman Arshad

    18. "Malaysia, Tanah Airku"

    19. "Malaysia Baru" ("New Malaysia")

    20. "Bersatu Berdisiplin"

    21. "Dirgahayu Oh Tanahairku"

    22. "Kemegahan Negaraku"

    23. "Malaysia Berjaya"

    24. "Tanahairku"

    25. "Tanah Pusaka"

    26. "Jaya Diri"

    27. "Berjaya"

    28. "Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang"

    29. "Wawasan 2020"

    30. "Gagah Perkasa"

    31. "Si Baju Hijau" - by Carefree

    32. "Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa"

    33. "Pemuda Pemudi"

    34. "Malaysiaku Tercinta"

    35. "Sehati Sejiwa Malaysia"

    36. "Cinta Setia"

    37. "Permainya Bumi Malaysia"

    38. "Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai" - poem songs by Nora

    39. "Malaysia Boleh!"

    40. "Kami Anak Malaysia" aka "Proud To Be Malaysia" - both Malay and English version

    ...and many more.

    Conclusion: We need more patriotic songs. Obviously. Especially songs about fuel.

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Hamster in the House

    My aunt owns 2 hamsters/rodents since last few months ago. Last few weeks, 6 'hamsterkid' or I should call them cubs or whatever you suggest, were born.

    Actually, there were 6 of them delivered safely but left 5 because their mum ate one. Yes, EAT!!! People says it is better not to keep on looking at the kids, or else the mum will get angry and eat them! Don't you think it is so cruel?

    And another one gone... Finally, it only left two of them. 4 gone. What a cruel mum! 5 minutes silence please...

    Let me introduce the family...

    The mum

    The daddy

    ...and the kids. I snapped this photos on the first day the kids open their eyes and see the wonderful earth. Congratulations on their survival!

    Soon, I want to teach them how to fight...

    ...and how to sing.

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    While Walking Around Miri's Town...

    ... I saw these ....


    It is a acupuncture center for those who believe in this kind of treatment. I noticed something wrong with the board, written "Akupancar Chin". Don't you feel something funny about the word? Pancar means shine in English. Hmm...

    Aku Pancar Chin??? Pancar my A** laa pancar, pancar... =='

    Should be written like this "Akupuncur Chin", which sounds better isn't it? Haha! I shine Chin! WTF!

    In the evening (still in Miri), I went to the Sportstoto premise (help my parents to buy/gamble/fa cai/buat bisness best/tuah datang). I saw a police car parked nearby. One of them was talking to 2 teenagers. Then, they went inside the Toto premise. Alright, I knew it was the policeman who wanted to 'buy Toto' but cannot go into that premise as they were on duty. I planned to snap a photo, so I went inside my car and snapped it.

    Purpose for doing it: I don't know!

    Friday, June 06, 2008

    Everybody DOWN!!!

    During the Gawai holiday, I went to Miri. I bought 2 movie DVDs. Take a look...

    Msg to Loey: Wei, you really want to rob bank arr???

    *I've bought a new sticker for my laptop. (Dasar orang yang tak suka tengok orang guna laptop jenama Apple)

    Tuesday, June 03, 2008

    Wei, You OK or Not?

    If anyone of you have been following the updates of my post for the last few years you will realize that (I realized it too) there are some Manglish words usage over here in my blog. Well, I don't care coz I'm living in Malaysia so what's wrong I use Manglish to blog. What is Manglish? Manglish or Singlish is the combination of English words with Chinese and Malay words. Don't think it is easy to learn! Tell you, Manglish is very hard to learn because it needs pretty d*** good words in English, Mandarin and Malay. Without these three languages, you might probably need to practise and do some exercises more if you want to improve your Manglish.

    Some Important Manglish words

    lah - similar to 'of course'. Frequently used at the end of sentences and usually ends with an exclamation mark (!) E.g. He's the one who gave it to me lah!

    - Used when giving something to another person, often in a rude or impolite way. E.g. Nah, take it!

    - Used when asking questions, especially when a person is skeptical of something. E.g. Aik? You don't have meh?

    liao - Means "already". E.g. I eat liao.

    ah - Used when asking a genuine question. Besides that, some people use it when referring to a subject before making a (usually negative) comment. E.g Why he talk like that ar?, This boy ar, so naughty!

    lor - Used to explain something. E.g. Like that lorr...

    one - Used as an emphasis at the end of a sentence. It is believed to derive from the Chinese way of suffixing "的" at sentences. E.g. Why he is so like that one?

    - The word 'what' is often used as an exclamation mark, not just to ask a question. E.g. Just go. She's OK, what!

    - Means already.

    - Used as a literal translation from the Malay word 'ada'. E.g. You got or not?

    Alright, that's a few very very important words you have to know if you want to improve your Manglish. (No certificate will be given) Still don't know how to use it? Let me give you some example. Taking Mok and Poji as my actor...

    Loey: Mok, can borrow your car or not?

    Mok: Take
    lah. (Yes, you can)

    Loey: Sure or not? (I really can borrow your car?)

    Mok: Sure one
    lah! (Of course) Where you want to go?

    Loey: I want to buy something
    lah. I got not enough pen for tomorrow's test. No ink liao lor... (Running out of ink) Poji gave me one, but not enough.

    Walao eh! (OMG!) Want so many for what?! (Why do you need so many?)

    Loey: Just in case something happen
    maa... Don't ask a lot lah! Give me your car key. (Can I have your car key now?)

    Nah, take it. (Please, take it) But be careful arr... Poji drove my car out, when he GOSTAN (reverse) the car, he knocked my car's plate number, almost break dy.

    Wah, got like that one also arrr? Why he like that one?

    Mok: I don't know

    Loey: OK lah. I go first.

    After coming back for shop, met Poji.

    Loey: Wahhh Poji!

    Poji: What?

    Loey: You almost break Mok's car's plate number

    Poji: I cannot see
    what! (I can't see the back view) Wei, where you go just now?

    Loey: Buy pen

    Poji: Then, got or not? (Did you buy any?)

    Loey: No lorr...
    No stock! (Out or order)

    Haha!!! (Pity you)

    C*b** laa you!!! (It's OK!)