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    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Chinese New Year holiday

    Welcome back!!!

    I went to Segamat via KL to celebrate CNY with my sis-cousin's family that day. We (my bro and I) went to her in-laws' house in Segamat to celebrate. Actually, there's nothing interesting about my CNY holiday. Arrived at Segamat on the eve of CNY, my brother and I stayed in a hotel (quite nice hotel). Then, on the 1st day of CNY we moved in to our cousin's in-law's house just because we wanted to gamble, hehehe... Gambling is not good ok? :P Then, on the 2nd day of CNY, we went back to KL.

    We continued gambling in KL (Got addicted already, haha). My cousin prepared some steamboat, vegetables and some belacan. Drink some beers too. Opss...

    I went to visit my bro-cousin and very glad to see his baby daughter. So cute!

    When talking about Segamat, I realized that Segamat is the place where floods occured for days and I can feel that it was quite a terrible flood. What to do? God is so powerful. My cousin told me a story about these floods.

    Once, there was a Malay fisherman (from Johor) who caught a dragon-headed fish. According to the Chinese's belief, there are 3 types of dragons in this world; the sky dragon, land dragon and the water dragon. Unfortunately, this Malay fishman accidentally caught that dragon-headed fish which the Chinese believed that it was the water dragon's baby (Can I say it 'baby'?). This fishman seek advices from a Chinese and he was adviced to throw the unique fish back into the water because he was told that it is the child of the water dragon. However, this fishman didn't want to do it because it was so unique that he planned to keep it. So, he kept it in his aquarium.

    One day, the dragon-headed fish died. Suddenly the sky went dark and then the rain came pouring down to that area. The Chinese believes that the sky dragon was very sad and cried for a period of time. Then, after few days when the water mother dragon heard about her dead baby, she came back to take revenge. She brought floods to the area (Johor laa...), rising up to 6-8ft high.

    In this Year of the Pig, the Feng Shui master believes that people should be working very hard to be successful in their life as this year will be hard for certain people. Besides that, there will be a nature disaster. Nobody knows when is it. My cousin told me that the Chinese believes that it is the Father Dragon's turn to take revenge. There might be another terrible flood which they believes that it will rise up to 10-12ft. People in Johor must be aware about this. Well, this is just a story and people's believes. So, don't try to believe it if you don't want to believe it. It's up to you whether you want to believe it or not.

    However...the worst incident happened in Johor after the flood was the moment...


    I was bitten by mosquitoes!!!

    ...... and lost around RM200 after gambling. Damn!

    .......and managed to get a Nokia N70 3G for myself. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    .......and until now I'm still wondering how this Wong Kok restaurant at IOI Mall in Puchong named the drink below as...

    .... Ah Tow and Ah Tang story???
    Why? Why?

    Saturday, February 17, 2007

    Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xing Nian Kuai Le

    Just dropped by to wish all the Chinese
    Happy Chinese New Year!

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    //I'm going to KL and JB to celebrate CNY today,
    So, see you all again after the holiday ok?
    Be back after 4-5 days (maybe on the 21st)
    Miss you all, muack, muack!//

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    Happy Valentines Day

    Just dropped by to wish all the couples...

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    And to all UMP's students,
    Have a nice holiday...

    Friday, February 09, 2007


    Dear readers of,

    I've planned to take a break until this coming Chinese New Year holiday. Well, I'm not running out of ideas. Actually, I want to take a rest, watch movies, dramas, loitering at my friends' rooms, go shopping, doing my thesis, gathering ideas for the next post and many more... :P

    I'll be back after the holiday
    (Going to KL on the 17th to meet my naughty Bro)

    So, to all my UMP's friends...
    Enjoy your holiday!!!