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    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Baby news

    World news, Local news, entertainment news, sport news, Naked News (Huh?~!@#), Political news and now...

    Proudly presenting ---> Baby News!!!

    Haha, do u know how to babysit? Not that sitting like a baby la... It is taking care of small kids (even a baby). I read a news about a guy putting his baby inside the FREEZER!!! Do you think it's crazy stuff to do? Well, actually the baby was sick and had a high fever so he placed the baby inside the freezer in order to make his small baby girl cooled. Duh!

    More detailed, click HERE.

    Some kids pictures over here...

    When Andrew wants to pee pee, he will show you the err... body language. Huh?

    That's how he usually sleep in the afternoon.

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Blogging, Boring???

    Blogging is boring?

    Haha, that's some of people's opinion about 'blogging'. Well, you wanna know what are the uses of 'Blog'? Alright, I'll list down here below:

    1. When you are bored, you blog.
    2. When you are lonely, you blog.
    3. When you feel stressed, you blog.
    4. When you feel you feel like wanna commit
    'suicide' (erk~!@#), you blog.

    5. When you feel that someone is breaking your heart, you blog.
    6. When you feel that you wanna insult someone, you put it in your blog. (Huh?~!@#$%)
    7. When you wanna complain something, you blog.
    8. When you are jealous after looking at people's blog, you blog too, hehe...

    Well, that's why I recommend you to blog.
    Hmm...You know what? When you grow older you can show it to your grandchildren.

    But just now I got this message from one of my friend saying that one of our friend feels that blogging is something 'gila', maybe he meant by 'stupid', huh? Is that so? Well, it's true larrr...that it's something like a diary, but blogging is something more advance than that.

    Even the Humpback whale also say that he likes to read blogs...hehe...

    Haha, do you know that humpback whales have 'human' brain? Haha... read this >
    My brain. So, Next time don't insult people like this "Hey, you really have a fish's brain". Then, the answer will be "YOU TOO!".

    Well, wanna learn more about blogging, try to surf these blogs:

    1. Kenny Sia
    2. XiaXue
    3. Noi's blog.. hehe! (Oit Noi, pay me for the advertisement!)
    4. My Blog of coz!!!

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    What will I do during my free time?

    My free time? Hmm... a lot actually especially during this holiday month. Gonna spend my time in front of the laptop, or maybe the TV in my room, got ASTRO somemore hehe or playing my guitar the whole day...

    Well, suddenly I'm into this hobby; picture editting. It started since the exam week. I was so stressed and suddenly this hobby just appear to me, install the Adobe Photoshop and start editting...

    Ermm...maybe this is just the beginning as I'm still very new to this. Nobody to teach me, so I learnt it by myself lorr...therefore sometimes it looks sucksss....but still some of my friends praises my hardwork during the exam week, hehe...
    (Hey, I also study k?)

    Actually, this idea didn't come to me until I read one of the Singapore famous blogger's blog (Xiaxue), then I said to myself, "I can do it too". Then, I do also lor...but mine still lao beh one laa...hehe....

    Hey, that Xiaxue's blog is quite nice ooo... But I still prefer KennySia's blog more.

    Alright here are some pictures that I wanna show although it's not that kenggg...

    Alright, there it goes the 1st picture that I editted.
    Hehe... some of my friends were shocked! LOL.
    Even my brother as well as my Mum were also shocked

    Hehe, jealous ler... Do you know this girl? If you wanna know ask just me personally ok?
    I will tell you who she is.
    (Hint: Can be seen in the previous post)

    Nah, make you people more jealous, hehe....


    But then dont know why I come out with this, erk....

    Well, I think this one suckss... I can't do it perfectly.

    I will do it more next time when I'm free...

    My Favourite Song

    Don't know why I suddenly like this Nan Quan Ma Ma runs by Jay Chou. Well, I like one of their song (Ren Yu De Yan Lei)...

    Enjoy this song...


    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Memories Before Going Back Home for Holiday (for my classmates BAA)

    Why is that boy raising up his hand? Armpit ichy iziit?

    Oh, it's been a long time i didn't update my blog. Usually I updated it in my friendster (Click HERE). But I still feel that using Blogspot is better coz the function is nicer and better.

    Well, before we went back for the holiday (actually it was during the study week) we had managed to complete a model of a ' Hydrological Cycle'. Everybody was so exited. Huh? Exited? Err...well, actually we were supposed to take some pictures during the process but unfortunately we forgot. So what to do...we just take it anyway, whatever we can...

    Before the project is started, we have to discuss first....ceh wah! KONON!

    Eh, everybody is lending their own hand la...ceh wah!

    Making wise decision is important.
    (Don't worry, N
    ajmudin will do the job!)

    Well, I am doing 'something' too, hehe...

    At last! The product!

    Ah... there's something right here.... Another picture!
    A tribute to our English lecture Pn. Nor Asyikin!

    Well, What a nice English class! Thanx for the A-, hehe!!!