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    Friday, December 29, 2006

    Sibu Vs Miri

    On 18th December, we went back home to Bintulu via Sarikei and Sibu. While in Sibu, we went to a food court to have our lunch.

    Preparing to challenge Jay Chou

    Sibu is a town which was expected to be a city instead of Miri. But how come Miri can become a city?

    According to survey...

    How a kampung can become a city:

    (1) Clean
    (2) Developing very fast, especially constructions of new shophouses and houses
    (3) A birth place of petroleum of Sarawak and Malaysia
    (4) Rich. Got many rich people there hehe...
    (5) More civic-minded
    (6) Easily looking for parking space
    (7) Miri people mostly park their cars properly
    (8) The Municipal Council had done a great job for this few years to archieve the mission

    How come Sibu cannot become a city:

    According to survey...

    (1) Still have to beat Miri's cleanliness
    (2) Unorganizing town development
    (3) Still have to beat Miri's wealth
    (4) Road users haven't completely understand the road rules yet
    (5) The people there too rough
    (6) No courtesy, simply park their cars
    (*) But nice during durian seasons

    ~ Anyway, this is just a survey that I got from people through oral and internet reviews, not my opinion.
    ~ Any suggestion, plz donate it to the comment section below.

    Yummy, yummy! I also don't know why my Bro took this picture.
    E'body sitting besides SHOCKED! (Ikan Bakar, in Kuching) Eh, is it Ikan Bakar?

    Monday, December 25, 2006

    Merry Christmas!

    Dedicated to all my beloved Christian friends...

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    Merry Christmas
    and Happy New Year to all of you...

    With Love,

    Sunday, December 24, 2006

    Let's play Jackpot!

    This incident happened one evening at Sarawak Plaza in Kuching. Like usual when we are in a shopping complex you will wandering around the area. Suddenly, a guy came approached my Dad saying that my Dad is very2 lucky to have a Christmas present from their company. Huh? Really?

    We went to the shop which they mentioned. A salesman entertained us saying that we are very lucky because we will receive a free Christmas gift. Huh? Then we were brought to a place with a computer. Alright, actually we were required to play a computer game.
    (Damn it, at this time you ask us to play game. We came here to shop not to play game you!)

    Before that, we were asked to answered survey questions about the product we often use. Ok fine! We answered all. Then, here comes the game.

    Salesman: Sir, you know how to play jackpot?
    Dad: Huh?
    Salesman: Las Vegas, Las vegas...
    Dad: Err...
    Me: Yes, yes, I know...
    Salesman: Ok good! Ok now, like this. We will play Jackpot. When you click the mouse, 3 pictures will come out. You must choose only one product among all three here to retrieve it.
    Dad: For what?
    Mom: No need laa... afterward we have to pay it.
    Salesman: No, It's free for you. You do not need to pay for it.
    All: Huh?~!@#$%^&*
    Salesman: OK, click it.
    (Then, my Dad clicked the mouse. Then, came out a company's logo)

    Salesman: Oh, Sir! You r very lucky! Do you know what does that means?
    All: No!
    Salesman: It mean that you will receive a special mysterious give from us. Wait first, I'll go and checked the product.
    (He went somewhere. Don't even know where did he go)

    Salesman: Sir, you will receive a mysterious gift from us. So, you got to continue the next round to play.

    Suddenly it can't be continued after he entered my Dad's ID card number. Noticed the problem, he clicked the button 'BACK' to checked the ID card number. Yeah, the ID card number was wrong. He corrected it. Then he said that he had corrected it. then he said that he will go back to the Jackpot game and surprisingly the result was still the SAME!!! Same picture coming out! What the heck is it? Me and my brother shouted "Eh!". He was shocked with our reactions and answered that the games had been saved. He added that this is not a cheat as this system is onlined!

    Fine! Immediately I went to search for any LAN cable, telephone or internet cable in case. But I can't find, not even one. I can't find any cable connected to the
    computer. Damn! What a big LIAR!!!


    He asked us to look at a picture in the computer screen. 16 small box combined into a big box. And asked us to guess how many boxes are there in the the big box. We said
    16 boxes. They asked us to click something to retrieve the price. Damn, I really don't understand at all!

    Then, slowly a pink coloured background came out. He said,"Hah! Do you know what does that mean?" (Damn it, how do I know?)

    He said, "It means that you will receive a product less than RM300. The product will come out after the pink-coloured background finish loading." So we waited lorr..

    Then, suddenly came out a picture of a kitchen product cost RM3880!!!

    Salesman: Eh, Sir. Did you ever come here to play?
    Dad: No!
    Salesman: Eh, is it true? Sir, is it true? How come you got this? A kitchen product costs RM3880. Wah! Sir, you are very2 lucky!!!
    (Damn it! Don't act to much laa...)

    Salesman: Alright, Sir. You wait for a while. I want to call my manager in Seremban.
    (He called) Then, he passed the phone to my Dad. But I really don't want to know anything about it. Then the phone is handed back to the salesman.

    Salesman: Err...boss. You want to give him the kitchen ware?... But it costs RM3880... Wah, are you sure? Ok, ok Boss!

    Salesman: Wah Sir. (Shake hand with my Father!) Congratulation! You are really very2 lucky. You've won this lucky.
    Dad: Are you sure it's free?
    Salesman: Yes Sir, it's free. You don't need to pay anything for it. (Huh? Let's see!)

    (Then he showed us the kitchen product. Ok, quite nice!)

    Salesman: But Sir, Before to take this kitchen product, you must buy one of our product.


    We are required to buy another kitchen ware cost hundreds Ringgit Malaysia!!! Huh! All of us smiled. Then we rejected it. All actually.

    Salesman: But Sir, you've just won a kitchen product costs RM3880. You just need to pay this and can get that free.

    Then we walked away. Haha, pity that salesman. He talked and bullshitting a lot. Well, that's his job. We don't mind at all.

    Haha...funny, funny and pissed off (wasting our time)!

    ~Eh, we've forgotten the mysterious gift. Argh!!! Never mind laa... Who cares!
    ~Sorry, I didn't insert any picture for this post. Honestly, I can't!

    Friday, December 22, 2006

    Holiday in China

    After spending 3 days in Miri, we went to the airport and headed to China. Oh, To all my Semenanjung's friends the picture below is the picture of Miri town, with a blue sea far far away there. Well, for your information Miri is only one and the first non capital city in Malaysia which is given the title 'City'.


    I was in China the following day. Well, the holiday was quite ok. I've visited some historical places. And I like lots of their old buildings with some asthetical values on it.

    Then, I went to one of the cyber cafe there to update my blog telling all my lovely readers that I was lying. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

    Actually I was in Kuching for holiday. Spending the one week holiday with my Gong Gong and to celebrate his 74th birthday too. Well, before that we spent a night in Sarikei.

    Sorry, lousy picture taken.

    Actually the picture was taken at the Kuching's Taman Sahabat. It's a memorial of the diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and China. Well, I guess the architects and the engineers had done some magical touches on the Chinese asthetical value. Cool! I went there 3-4 times just to capture some picture but failed because we often went there at night and can't really have a chance to take a nice and perfect picture. Then, the day before we went back to Sarikei, I've managed to captured some. At last!

    At night, lots of people went there to dance. Dance?~!@#$% Yes, dancing! their movements, I mean the dance is quite simple2 one but everybody follows perfectly as if they'd memorised the dancing steps. Well, I guess they came here every evening to dance. Dancing is one of an exercise what! A light exercise an yet,'s still an exercise. I think hundred of them participated.

    That's the place where hundreds of people enjoy dancing

    One thing that make me jealous is the person who bought their house nearby. Tell you, the houses is very2 near to the park. Just beside it. I think the owner of the house will be very angry every day because some people who went to the park will park their car right in front of their house. Hehe... Hopefully there is no intruder entering their house because the houses nearby are all very nice. 3-storey houses.

    Cars parked nearby

    Did anyone know who is Laksamana Cheng Ho? Well, he is the one who brought Princess Hang Li Po from China to Tanah Melayu. Then, Princess Hang Li Po married to Sultan Mansur Syah. From the written hystory, Laksamana Cheng Ho is from a Chinese-Muslim village in China. Well, according to the history he's a Muslim. He must be proud because he has a statue of himself at the park.

    While staying in Kuching for holiday, I've read a newspaper article saying that in Kuching the cleanest toilet is the Taman Sahabat's toilet. Alright, I think next time we can stay a night in that toilet. See how 5-stars it is. Luckily there is no small cafe inside the toilet. Erk...!!! The lowest ranking is the toilet somewhere in Bintawa.

    The 5-stars toilet ~!@#$%^&*

    Wishing well! I wish there is a nice cafe inside the toilet!

    Err... I missed the chance to visit the toilet.

    Next post~ We've been cheated in Kuching!!!

    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    POSSESSED in Miri during the holiday!!!

    Well, at last I can go for holiday with my family and attend my cousin's wedding ceremony in Miri. It was quite a tiring journey. Luckily I didn't drive, only my Dad and my Brother.
    No license yet laa... Damn it, don't laugh at me laaa...! I've passed my law test k? No time to learn laa... It's not that I don't want to learn.)

    Something wrong with my brother's head while on the way to Miri.
    After arrived in
    Miri then OK! Hehe...

    I got possessed in Miri!! Hehe... actually, 3-4 actors and Amber Chia were in Miri's Bintang Plaza to promote their latest movie 'Possessed' which from what I heard the location of the scenes were mostly taken in Kuching's area.

    U ppl know this guy in the picture below ka? Don't know? Alright, this guy is Alan Yun Kam Lun. Maybe some of you recognize him coz he acted in the Movie 'Gubra' acting with that Sharifah Amani. Well, he's one of the actors lor...

    Alright, I'm quite jealous didn't have the chance to snap a photo with Amber Chia, but my brother did! Damn it!!!

    Anyway, please don't compare me with my brother, coz we really don't alike.

    Anyway, it's still ok, at least I got a picture with Alan Yun. :P

    About the autograph signing session, I didn't went up there to get their signatures but forced my niece and my newphew (aged below 10yrs old i think) to go up there to take it. After finish taking them, they went down and ask their grandma and those who standing besides, "Ah Ma, what is this for?" Wahahahaha!!! All of us laughed.

    Actually, I don't even know what the signatures for. Then we threw it away into the rubbish bin nearby.

    ~For your information, I haven't watched the movie yet~ :)

    Then, we went to the Taman Awam(I hope that is what it called) to bring my both naughty niece and nephew to go for a swim and the park.

    And spotted this sexy boy...

    What a nice pose! Sorry boy, coz u r cute thats why I took a picture of you! Hehe...
    That boy should be proud because I mentioned him in my blog!

    Then, the next day we went up to the hill to see the First Oil Ridge in Malaysia (It is called The Grand Old Lady) Huh?~!@#$%^. Went to see the Petroleum Science Exhibition and missed out the DinoTrek.

    And helped the workers...

    ~Next post will be coming soon->Holiday in Kuching and China, repeat again CHINA~

    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    On Holiday in Miri and Kuching

    Will be right back on the 18th of December. Lots gotta talk about...
    See ya...

    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    An Early Preparation for Christmas Day

    Christmas Day is coming soon.
    Same like last year, we are really looking forward for that day. Therefore, setting up the Christmas tree is a must and we did it yesterday.

    We got a big and a small Christmas tree at the corner of our living room. Well, my brother and I decorate it that way. Nice? Anyway, something unusual about that small tree... Check it out!

    I took a picture of the Santa Claus which is hanging on the tree...

    Without flash lights

    With flash lights it becomes like this

    Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    Oh Ah Long...

    Ever watch the video Ah Long Bukit Beruntung by Adlin and Din Beramboi? If not yet click HERE to get it > Ah Long Bukit Beruntung

    Well, if I borrow RM1million from them and I can't pay it back, then I must be dead. But if I just borrow RM1 and I can't pay it back, what do u think? Are they going to catch me? Hmm...with the world full with money-minded.

    When I'm writing this, I can feel the shiver in my body, don't know why. But still I'm going to write something about it. 3 innocent kids were dead because their father can't pay the money back to the Ah Long. Really pissed me of! Is this a movie? Why laa their father wants to kill them? Better commit suicide then kill those 3 kids....if I'm their father. Why laa want to involve the kids? They don't even borrow the money... Just send them for adoption laa...

    And about that drinking poisonous liquid is something cruel to do. Forcing them to drink it! Just imagine someone forcing you to eat human's shit...repeat again, human's shit! Do you dare to eat it?(Dedicate to the father). Why don't just kill them from behind instead of forcing them to drink something that can kill. Anyway, is this a suicide case or murder case?

    Killing them from behind although it is cruel also but at least they don't know when they are going to die. But ordering then to drink that poison, with that sorrow eyes counting seconds to death... I guess that is the most cruel action taken to solve this financial case... Even in movie, until now I haven't watch any of this kind of stories in it.Well, this kind of death can cause the spirit of the deaths to be quite hectic. Probably will become err...ghost ! ~!@#$%^ That's why their coffins are covered with umbrellas. Wanna know why? If their dead body is struck by lightning...they will become GHOST!

    Hmm...touching people's heart is definitely difficult.

    Hopefully the soul of the 3 little kids are in peace...

    #Visitors, please give some of your heart in the comment section. Thanx!

    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Against Piracy!

    Loey says...
    I've just downloaded a Taiwan drama series titled "Silence" cast by Vic Zhou, Andy Hui and a korean girl Park Eun-hye.
    Hey, very nice drama you know!
    Check out these links > Link 1 and Link 2

    Last few days I joined an 'Against Piracy' organization, Sarawak Branch, and had been selected as the President. That's why I'm very busy with lots of works to finish up. I've to attend meetings, everyday got meeting, u know! And then, we were suggesting to set up a campaign to remind all the customers or better known as consumer to...err...not to buy, or only buy the original movie VCD or DVD. This is a very serious case because until nowadays a lot of customer had been cheated by the irresponsible seller. Due to this I have to hold the meeting everyday. In the meeting, I've told my comittee members that, actually I was lying, hehe...

    ::Hehe, you thought I'm so 'big' meh..hehe::

    No lah, actually my dad bought a RM5 VCD from a d*** ~!@#$%^ VCD seller in Sibu. My father asked the tauke whether the quality is clear or not and he replied "Yes, very clear. Err, bos! No testing hah! Trust me!" Damn, what kind of 'trust' you mentioned? How dare you cheat this elderly man? You thought you are the only one who got the 'Casino Royale' meh? Tell you, I can bring my Dad to the cinema to watch you know? By the way, I've watch the movie in the cinema! Better go and sell porn movie la...! (Well hehe, that's why the blog is so useful!!!)

    To cool me down that day, I went to buy the strawberry seeds. You know what did I do with the seeds? I planted them behind my backyard garden and they grow and produce this nice looking strawberry...(see the picture below)

    No lah, kidding only. How can I plant it in my backyard garden, hahaha...

    ::Small Kids corner::

    Ceh, you thought I want to take meh? I can buy that anytime I want ler...hehe!

    Eh, I'm the one who bought it. Give me back!

    Yet another Baby News erk...

    Alright, another baby news again. Haha, why laa I always care about these babies in this world, haha. Why some people want to torture these babies? What did they do? (I think I become more 'matured' nowadays) Hahahahaha.....

    Maybe some of you are laughing at me talking about this matter, coz I felt it sounds funny too when I mentioned something like this in my page. Hmm... Actually, in the previous post I talked about the 'freezing baby', today I read something about 'flying baby'. WHAT???~!@#$%^&

    Read this > Flying Baby!

    Well, actually the baby was thrown out! Hmm... Why laa want to throw away baby if the parents itself want to 'produce' it... Creating lives, then thrown away, back! What for? Better dont't do that err... laa... Wasting time, wasting money(huh?), wasting energy(am I too much?)... Sorry if this is too 'strong' for u...but still all of us need to know wat~ Don't let yourself to face the problem like what Tammy NYP faced. Actually, I really don't want to mention about that NYP Tammy act, errr...coz pity her. Everbody should know the action taken is good or not. When mentioned about that Tammy, I want to remind all of my friends again that don't ever take any n*** photos or videos with ur handphone because who knows one day it will fall to others' hand instead. Anyway, for those know about Tammy news, plz don't insult her coz i think it's not because of her fault. It's something very personal to her. She herself don't even want it to be spread around, it's the person who stole her handphone and spread it out. Although this happened long long time ago, but it's important for those who didn't know this news about her..

    ::Plz don't look down on Tammy ok? Coz she's a human being with feelings too, like us::

    So, don't make babies (erk?) if you think you want to throw or put it inside the freezer(just for food and icecubes)...ok? Unless you want your baby to break the Guinness World Records... ;)

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Baby news

    World news, Local news, entertainment news, sport news, Naked News (Huh?~!@#), Political news and now...

    Proudly presenting ---> Baby News!!!

    Haha, do u know how to babysit? Not that sitting like a baby la... It is taking care of small kids (even a baby). I read a news about a guy putting his baby inside the FREEZER!!! Do you think it's crazy stuff to do? Well, actually the baby was sick and had a high fever so he placed the baby inside the freezer in order to make his small baby girl cooled. Duh!

    More detailed, click HERE.

    Some kids pictures over here...

    When Andrew wants to pee pee, he will show you the err... body language. Huh?

    That's how he usually sleep in the afternoon.

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Blogging, Boring???

    Blogging is boring?

    Haha, that's some of people's opinion about 'blogging'. Well, you wanna know what are the uses of 'Blog'? Alright, I'll list down here below:

    1. When you are bored, you blog.
    2. When you are lonely, you blog.
    3. When you feel stressed, you blog.
    4. When you feel you feel like wanna commit
    'suicide' (erk~!@#), you blog.

    5. When you feel that someone is breaking your heart, you blog.
    6. When you feel that you wanna insult someone, you put it in your blog. (Huh?~!@#$%)
    7. When you wanna complain something, you blog.
    8. When you are jealous after looking at people's blog, you blog too, hehe...

    Well, that's why I recommend you to blog.
    Hmm...You know what? When you grow older you can show it to your grandchildren.

    But just now I got this message from one of my friend saying that one of our friend feels that blogging is something 'gila', maybe he meant by 'stupid', huh? Is that so? Well, it's true larrr...that it's something like a diary, but blogging is something more advance than that.

    Even the Humpback whale also say that he likes to read blogs...hehe...

    Haha, do you know that humpback whales have 'human' brain? Haha... read this >
    My brain. So, Next time don't insult people like this "Hey, you really have a fish's brain". Then, the answer will be "YOU TOO!".

    Well, wanna learn more about blogging, try to surf these blogs:

    1. Kenny Sia
    2. XiaXue
    3. Noi's blog.. hehe! (Oit Noi, pay me for the advertisement!)
    4. My Blog of coz!!!

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    What will I do during my free time?

    My free time? Hmm... a lot actually especially during this holiday month. Gonna spend my time in front of the laptop, or maybe the TV in my room, got ASTRO somemore hehe or playing my guitar the whole day...

    Well, suddenly I'm into this hobby; picture editting. It started since the exam week. I was so stressed and suddenly this hobby just appear to me, install the Adobe Photoshop and start editting...

    Ermm...maybe this is just the beginning as I'm still very new to this. Nobody to teach me, so I learnt it by myself lorr...therefore sometimes it looks sucksss....but still some of my friends praises my hardwork during the exam week, hehe...
    (Hey, I also study k?)

    Actually, this idea didn't come to me until I read one of the Singapore famous blogger's blog (Xiaxue), then I said to myself, "I can do it too". Then, I do also lor...but mine still lao beh one laa...hehe....

    Hey, that Xiaxue's blog is quite nice ooo... But I still prefer KennySia's blog more.

    Alright here are some pictures that I wanna show although it's not that kenggg...

    Alright, there it goes the 1st picture that I editted.
    Hehe... some of my friends were shocked! LOL.
    Even my brother as well as my Mum were also shocked

    Hehe, jealous ler... Do you know this girl? If you wanna know ask just me personally ok?
    I will tell you who she is.
    (Hint: Can be seen in the previous post)

    Nah, make you people more jealous, hehe....


    But then dont know why I come out with this, erk....

    Well, I think this one suckss... I can't do it perfectly.

    I will do it more next time when I'm free...

    My Favourite Song

    Don't know why I suddenly like this Nan Quan Ma Ma runs by Jay Chou. Well, I like one of their song (Ren Yu De Yan Lei)...

    Enjoy this song...


    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Memories Before Going Back Home for Holiday (for my classmates BAA)

    Why is that boy raising up his hand? Armpit ichy iziit?

    Oh, it's been a long time i didn't update my blog. Usually I updated it in my friendster (Click HERE). But I still feel that using Blogspot is better coz the function is nicer and better.

    Well, before we went back for the holiday (actually it was during the study week) we had managed to complete a model of a ' Hydrological Cycle'. Everybody was so exited. Huh? Exited? Err...well, actually we were supposed to take some pictures during the process but unfortunately we forgot. So what to do...we just take it anyway, whatever we can...

    Before the project is started, we have to discuss first....ceh wah! KONON!

    Eh, everybody is lending their own hand la...ceh wah!

    Making wise decision is important.
    (Don't worry, N
    ajmudin will do the job!)

    Well, I am doing 'something' too, hehe...

    At last! The product!

    Ah... there's something right here.... Another picture!
    A tribute to our English lecture Pn. Nor Asyikin!

    Well, What a nice English class! Thanx for the A-, hehe!!!

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    8 October 12.20pm

    Updated Blog on 8 October 2006 12.20pm. Click here to view

    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    7 Oct 2006 1.23pm

    What a hazy day...

    Why laaa the haze so disturbing one.....? But surprisingly there is a strong wind blowing here in Kuantan now. Anyway, the sky looks more terrible than yesterday. Yesterday was a little brighter and yet very hot.

    As you can see from the pictures above, for me if compare to yesterday it is getting worse. News reported that it comes form the Indonesia. Open burning I guess. Why the Indons like to burn things. Not civic-minded one... Causing people trouble only...

    Hey, when are we gonna use that building huh? What building is that? Classes? Lecture hall? Probably!

    Oh yes... yesterday my Mom called me and asked whether I drink lots of water or not coz she said that in Bintulu was very hazy. The haze was very thick. (During this hazy days, we must drink lots of water, u know?). Then, I answered her, "Yes, haha...That's Bintulu not Kuantan". Well, I might be acting a little rude but, we found it very funny. Even she also found it very funny coz she also ask the same thing to my brother who are currently in KL. Tell u, my brother also answered her back the same answer like I did. Haha...well, we are brothers what!

    I bought a big packet of chopsticks last few days... Actually I only want to buy 1 pair only but then i saw this big pasket of wooden chopsticks. Well, I'm busy man, haha. So, I'm lazy to clean it use wooden one laa... Finish eating throw away lorr....haha.... So lazy one! Err...some of my friends want to pao my chopsticks..damn!