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    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    It's not a Paradise anymore...

    Yeah not!

    It's so obvious because of work. First, my PM turned me into his QA Manager which I don't like because I can't learn anything about construction (only a few) but to do records, reports and filing works. I hate these job.

    Second, if didn't increase my salary (eventhough the current salary is enough for me), I will get stressed! QAQC is a tough job.

    I just read about article related to stress...


    1. Acid Peptic Disease

    2. Alcoholism

    3. Asthma

    4. Fatigue

    5. Tension Headache

    6. Hypertension

    7. Insomnia

    8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    9. Ischemic Heart Disease

    10. Psychoneuroses

    11. Sexual Dysfunction

    12. Skin diseases like Psoriasis,Lichen planus,Urticaria,Pruritus,Neurodermatitis etc

    The list is not complete.

    This is critical! Especially the one No. 11! LOL.

    I will tried to finish this project no matter what happen to me. I'm not scared to get fired. He needs me to do all those reports.


    I'm back~!

    OMG! I miss my lovely blog. I've tried to create a new blog for my Sibu Airport expansion project but can't manage to blog there coz I made it for formal information on the progress of the project. And also when I blog, I don't like to be so formal. That's not my style. I don't know whether anybody is reading my posts but just to tell you I will start my blogging habit as frequent as possible coz I really need to 'talk'.

    Well now I'm the QA Manager for this Sibu Airport Expansion Project and I HATE this post! Coz I didn't apply for this. I applied for Site Engineer, and yes my PM gave me this. But after 1 week, he turned me into QA Manager as he can't find anyone. Somemore, the news that I know QAQC stuffs and doing reports spread to the ears of my PM and appointed me as their QA Manager which honestly I DON"T REALLY LIKE!!!

    He gave me an engineer salary but that was not the main concern and I don't how much he wanted to give me. I just need to be fully on site but he let me sit in the office and become a QA Manager which is so lame.

    I think I played too much FOOTBALL MANAGER game since I was young.

    So far my job is tough coz I need to create the PQP/QAP, Monthly Reports, QAQC Reports and a few inspection forms. I did this for the last 2 years and it is a boring job.

    Honestly saying I felt like want to quit, but for the sack of my resume and the salary, I think I can't ask for more. This is the best way to a bright future. Hey, how often can you get an airport project!

    I want an Iphone 4!!!

    That's my wish and honestly saying I can get one from Digi with it's installment plan, but I already got a Blackberry 8520! Anybody want to buy my Blackberry or not? Let me know. Really regret it for buying blackberry. Blackberry sucks!

    Or should I pay RM2090 cash and the digi plan? Pheww...

    Or I have to wait till June to get an Iphone from my Bro in US. He said he can buy one for me there for a price of RM1700+++. Hmm...

    That's temptation is extremely strong.

    But the Chinese New Year mood is stranger than as I'm going back to my hometown to celebrate with all of my uncles, aunties, cousins and nieces... Yay!

    Alright, that's all for tonight. See you again!