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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    I'm Onlined!

    Finally I'm 'onlined' from Kuching, and will stay connected everywhere I go coz I've bought this Celcom Broadband, yeah!!!

    Will updated soon...

    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    New Year 2009 Break

    Yeah, a break for 2 weeks probably.

    I will go to Kuching tomorrow to meet my boss before stationed in Sibu. I will be in Kuching for 2 weeks. Boring. Alone at home. But I still need to do something important before going to Sibu.

    I need to register for the Celcom Broadband to stay connected anytime. Good idea huh?

    So, I want to wish all of you Happy New Year 2009 and Good Luck!

    Cheers and see you soon!


    Friday, December 26, 2008


    Vandalism is not good, but when comes the funny part it will make you laugh. For example like this...

    I went to the Bintulu's Bus Terminal and saw a teenager scribbled something on one of the column at the bus terminal. Well, that's not good obviously. But, there's one thing that he did which was so stupid. I won't say he is stupid until he did this >>>

    Biaramas is a company operating bus services throughout Sarawak. Maybe someone hate this company for its services. But this kid scribbled the word "BIBA" which I don't even understand. Does he mean B*** or what? I mean that 'Oink, oink' animal. If I were him, I will scribble B***. LOL. Or maybe he didn't mean to hate this company, he just want to show that he loves this company.

    Or maybe he is lack of education. I wonder why he can't right the correct word. If don't know how to spell in Malay, then write in English or whatever language he knows...

    Moral: Usaha Tangga Kejayaan!

    *It's not me who did that!

    Thursday, December 11, 2008


    Yum, yum...

    Monday, December 08, 2008

    Go, Go, AutoBots...

    I bought something 'cool' last few months from my cousin.

    Transformers toy. I've been searching this toy for years since I was young, and owned one at last that this age. LOL

    I don't know which Autobots is this...transformed from a Volkswagen Car.

    This is the BumbleBee owned by my cousin.

    I owned this >>> Optimus Prime. Yeahhh!!!

    Saturday, November 22, 2008

    That 6 Months...

    ~Sorry for the late update~
    It was a nice unforgetable practical training which ended last week and suddenly I felt so relax and could feel that 'freedom' in me. There the story goes...

    I was so glad that my industrial training supervisor was so sporting and tell ya', he's just 29 years old. He is a good man and a good motivator. Well, I realized that this company is a managing contractor company, meaning most of the work are related to project management and doing some documents and so watever... And there goes the Resident Engineer, strict looking guy but sometime you can find out that he is such a...a... weird guy. Depends on his mood, sometimes he is good to me sometimes not but everything both of them did to me is good to me.

    Then came this contractor, the project engineer came and asked a helping hand from me to do the site daily records, approval chits and etc. He said "Since this is your training session, then can you help me to do this for me? Coz this will give you some knowledge too." I agreed with him since I'm just a trainee so what's wrong helping him while doing this for knowledge. I don't mind at all.

    The work? Alright, the site daily records, not so difficult coz I just need to stated down the numbers of workers and the activites on the site. That's mean I have to go to the site everyday to see what da hell going on at site. Hey, where is that project engineer? Going back to Kuching. He left everything to me to handle. Aiks? Who am I working for now? Got it?

    So what's wrong with that work? It was not that difficult anyway. Alright, tell you, I received RM250 for my practical training permonth for this 2 companies. Worth it? Not including the car fuel ley... I need to submit the site daily records and approval chits if there are any new actiuvities on site, and will get scolded if I filled it wrongly. Eh, you blame me? Whose work is this? Is this my work? It is obviously the contractor's work and I got the blame. So damn beautiful isn't it? I know it's my fault but cannot blame me to badly for this small mistake.

    Don't worried, I got use to it already in 2 weeks time. Meaning I got less scolded. LOL what's so bid matter about been scolded by the Resident Engineer? He is such a weird guy who sometimes makes jokes with me and will laugh so damn loud whenever I made jokes with him. LOL. I don't mind at all coz I got use to it and felt my job was getting easier days by days. However, it was so tiring and so stressful when there are lots of activities such as concreting, bricklaying but the worst will be the concreting works where I need to do inspection. Yeah, I'm working for this company which inspection is the main work for us to inspect the contractors work/quality of the work. Feels like a policeman. But... I won't forget about the site daily records, approval chits and inspection form and etc. LOL! It was arghhh... Some of the forms shouldn't be filled by me LOL. It was the contractor's job to do it. Nevermind...

    During my first meeting session, my boss came from Kuching for this meeting. After the meeting, he asked me to accompany them to the hotel, for a tea. Don't think to much. Asking me whether I have planned my future but I said I don't know coz it was too early for me. The General Manger asked me to send in my resume if if I want to work for them. Even my boss said so. I said I will think over on this matter. Huh? Selling myself too expensive? After a few weeks, I email to my boss asking how much he can offer me if I work for them. Surprisingly he ignored my question but telling me to concentrate on my training first. I replied "OK". Alright, he wants it, he got it.

    Last weeks was the 2 meeting meeting and I wasn't there because the meeting's over. Wakakaka... My ex-boss send an email to me asking me to send in my resume when I've graduated, if I interested working for them. Hey, for coz I don't want to work for YOU. You are trying to make me laugh. Wakakaka... The Resident Engineer and the Project Engineer felt so sad after I left. Now they realized how much I did for them. How do I know they are sad? My supervisor told me. The Resident Engineer still contacted me to say hi. I said Hi back.
    (The foreman at site and the project engineer offer me RM1500 to work for them. Crazy!)

    Now I'm working temporary with my uncle doing structural design. Currently doing RC design for a rich man in Miri. A very big house. My uncle assisted me so don't worried. It won't collapse, he got almost 30 years in structural design. He said that we will get RM3000 after completed the design and we will share. The faster I do the design, the faster we will get that money. Hmm...there's another Rm9000 engineering works design need to do. Hmmm...

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    Beijing's Olympic Funny Photos Final

    ~All the pictures below are taken from

    Something disgusting here, a warming up session...

    When a star is curious about the quality of the medal, probably saw the word written "Made in China"...

    When a player wants to follow his idol, he makes something better and more unique compared to...

    Petr Cech...

    When a player cannot keep his secret anymore, he revealed it at the right time...



    Friday, November 07, 2008

    Beijing's Olympic Funny Photos Part 4/5

    ~All the pictures below are taken from

    (to be continued)

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Beijing's Olympic Funny Photos Part 3/5

    ~All the pictures below are taken from

    (to be continued)

    ~All the names, pictures and words did not relate to any of those who is living till today, the death or whoever and wherever. It's just a joke anyway. LOL.~

    Sunday, October 19, 2008

    Beijing's Olympic Funny Photos Part 2/5

    ~All the pictures below are taken from

    Play dirty? Can you? We always play dirty since we were young. It's the way how we fed ourselves the food when we were just one or two years old with the food flew all over the places, then staring innocently at our mum...with that dirty mouth. LOL. Just kidding. We learnt how to play dirty when we watched Power Rangers or whatever with martial arts actions and did a 'hands on' or 'practical training' to our brother or sister...we got a spank on the butt soon after that. But it's OK coz you will do it again and again. That's what we called playing dirty.

    Well, for girls out there if you want to protect yourself from harm, example robbers, thiefs or any bad guys, you can aim his 'private''s located 'down' case you don't undersatnd me. It could make a man completely becomes 'soft'. But please bare in mind that MAN is a strong human being! I mean he will be soft for just a few seconds or minutes, so use that precious time to excape, not calling the police coz it will be too late.

    For boys, errrr... it will be another way round. LOL. Just joking. I don't know.

    If all of you want to protect yourself make sure that it is effective, don't make any stupid action just because you want to be a hero.

    Think twice before you do it or else you will...

    ...regret for the rest of your life.

    Please be remember to call for help or shout loudly to get the nearby residents' attention if you got the chance to do so. If cannot, just pray, be patient and don't...

    (to be continue)

    ~All the names, pictures and words did not relate to any of those who is living till today, the death or whoever and wherever. It's just a joke anyway. LOL.~

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Beijing's Olympic Funny Photos Part 1/5

    ~All the pictures below are taken from

    Once upon a time in Beijing... alien was found in the swimming pool swimming happily. It was spotted by the small kids who spent their time playing in the pool. They went back home to tell their mummy and daddy that they saw an alien, who later were spanked on their butt by their parents for telling stupid jokes.

    Soon after that in the CNN news reported that the alien was found swimming happily in the swimming pool. The kids spanked their parents' butt back.

    All the people in China was shocked to hear the news.

    Fortunately, the people in China was very proud to send the lost alien safely and in a proper way back to its own errr... planet... Hmmm....

    THE END...
    (to be continued)

    ~All the names, pictures and words did not relate to any of those who is living till today, the death or whoever and wherever. It's just a joke anyway. LOL.~

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Story Telling In The Pool

    Once upon a time...

    I'm bored...

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Datuk Shah Rukh Khan

    Latest News:

    Melaka anugerah Datuk kepada Shah Rukh Khan

    10/10/2008 5:17pm

    MELAKA 10 Okt. - Pelakon terkenal Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan merupakan antara penerima Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) sempena hari jadi Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka, Tun Mohd. Khalil Yaakob ke-70, esok.

    Dengan penganugerahan darjah DMSM itu, Shah Rukh Khan akan bergelar Datuk.- Utusan.

    Which Shah Rukh Khan is this? Malaysian or Indian from India? I want it also laaa... D*** it!

    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    The Mouse

    It's a hamster actually. LOL

    No partner/husband anymore to accompany her in the cage. What a pity! It gave birth to 2 cubs after few days its 'partner' died. I was shocked and took a moment to think and I realized that the male f***ed her before it gone. Wow, how cruel. LOL.

    But the 2 cubs died soon after few days.

    Alright, we don't know anything about hamsters until I was in Kuching when my cousin told me that when a hamster gives birth...

    1) Don't look at them.
    2) Don't touch the cubs. (The smell is gone. When this happens, the mother will not going to 'love' or 'like' its own cubs anymore. Then, she will eat them.)

    Then, we gave the lonely mother hamster to someone. Now, no more hamster in the house.

    Some photos of the hamster, for remembrance...

    Lonely...I'm so lonely... I have nobody...

    It's a female.

    Big nose. Kalah itu hidung lembuu...

    Its bad habit. Biting the cage.

    Still biting...

    Yeah, still biting... but now with different style...

    Tuesday, October 07, 2008


    ~I'm back for more blog posts. Sorry for waiting! Cheer up readers!!!~

    16th September 2009

    I was truly sadden by the news that my grandpa cannot stand the pain anymore. He got pancreatitis a few weeks ago (He was in ICU). After few days taking care of him at the hospital, I went back home praying and hope that we will be fine and healthy like before, playing around with us like before...

    One day...

    Cousin: Loey... Uhuh..uhuh... (That crying sound, I don't like that and it wasn't the voice/sound that I was expecting)

    Loey: What?

    Cousin: Grandpa... Uhuh...uhuh...

    Loey: (Silence)

    Loey: What happen to him?

    "Grandpa, you are a strong man. You had lived for many years and that age was too good and obviously it showed that you are a really strong man. But, all of us are expecting you can stay with us longer...longer. Or at least you can attend my convocation or my bro's convocation.

    Since you chose to follow GOD, we can't do anything but to wish you all the best and May GOD Bless You Always.

    We love you, Grandpa..."

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

    Ada itu pakcik announce kat tv tadi 1 October Raye. LOL.
    Selamat Hari Raya Kawan2!

    Saturday, September 06, 2008

    Taking A Break

    I'm taking a break for this month. LOL. I'm a human being, not a robot. Haha... Don't worry 'coz I got some idea to write already and ready to publish them next month. In this few weeks time, I'm gathering information and ideas to write. So, see you next month.


    Monday, September 01, 2008


    It was a great sense of loss when our white fur hamster (male) died today in his small house.

    "All of us in the house wanted to let you know that you have our greatest sympathy and our hearts are truly saddened.
    You are a great living creature who will be missed but not forgotten and we are honoured that we have spent a few months together with you.

    I was alone in the house when your partner (the female) was knocking your little house so loud until I took a look at it and saw you laying down soundlessly, no breathing. You must be glad to have such a good, caring and loving partner. We will always miss you and hope you will enjoy your life in your new better place."

    God Bless You

    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Ke-51

    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    An Appreciation

    I got this stuff from Noi which she had mentioned it in her blog that I am the one who should receive it. Haha... Anyway, this post is an appreciation for one of my blog reader. I am also very thankful for everybody who read my blog and give comments on every post. I will keep on writing, so don't worry. I will stop writing when my laptop explodes into pieces.

    Oh ya, there's another award given by Mok, at the right column there. It's a cute panda bear. Panda's award???

    *Next post, coming soon...

    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    New Heart

    I've just finished watching this great Korean drama, New Heart. For those who love medical drama like Dr. House's series, you should watch this. This drama is a 'two thumbs up' medical drama!!!

    For synopsis, get it HERE!
    (I download it from

    I'll run naked around the town if anyone found out it is boring.

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Flood, A Tourist Attraction???

    I read an article last few days through the online Utusan Malaysia newspaper and this article attracted my attention. Read it. (Malay version only.)

    Banjir tarikan pelancongan baru di Pahang
    19/08/2008 3:11pm

    KUANTAN 19 Ogos - Keadaan banjir yang sering melanda kawasan Sungai Lembing akan dijadikan produk tarikan pelancongan baru di Pahang.

    *This is the first time I heard flood as a tourist attraction. Keep reading...

    Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri, Datuk Muhammad Safian Ismail berkata, banjir di Sungai Lembing ISTIMEWA berbanding dengan tempat-tempat lain kerana ia berlaku setiap tahun.

    *Special because it happens every year??? Is Sungai Lembing the only place? If it's true then I'll admit that I'm lack of knowledge. I thought other places in Malaysia also flood like hell...

    ``Kita akan jadikan banjir di Sungai Lembing sebagai tarikan pelancongan,'' katanya kepada pemberita ketika ditemui selepas Majlis Perasmian Publisiti Draf Rancangan Kawasan Khas (RKK) Sungai Lembing di sini hari ini.

    *``Kita akan jadikan banjir di Sungai Lembing sebagai tarikan pelancongan,'' - You must be kidding!!!

    Draf RKK tersebut adalah usaha Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (MPK) untuk memajukan Sungai Lembing menjadi pusat pelancongan yang dikenali sebagai tapak warisan dunia.

    *Flooded area as the 'Tapak Warisan Dunia"??? Are you sure?

    Menurut Muhammad Safian, antara tempat-tempat yang boleh dilawati ketika banjir ialah pusat-pusat pemindahan sementara mangsa banjir dan bilik-bilik gerakan. - Utusan

    *Alright, now it is driving me crazy! @#$%^&*

    This is totally


    Hahaha!!! Stop it! Someone is tickling me. Arggh... Stop itt... Hehehehee.. Wahahaa...