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    Monday, June 29, 2009

    I want to go for holiday!!!


    And that place will be in Kota Kinabalu.

    My Semenanjung friends, you have to visit KK and its islands nearby. You have to!!! Actually I was planning to go to Genting Highland but when I think about it, going to Genting Highland is only to spend money. My meaning of spending money is obviously going to the casino.

    Theme Park?

    No. I'm too old already to play that. Haha...

    Gambling is interesting but have to control. So, why don't I use that money to go to a place where the surrounding and environment is more errr...calm, nice, and can enjoy the beautiful scenery. KK is the place then.

    I'll be going to KK by the end of August. I want to go to Pulau Manukan, snap some beautiful scenery, beautiful beach, beautiful blue sea, beautiful...errr...girls...maybe.

    Hey you guys... Time to go to holiday. Month of August and September is the best. Cheap air fares.


    *Not a part time job with AirAsia or MAS laaa... Jgn terkezut...

    The Fallen Transformers

    It sucksss a bit....

    I almost slept during the movie, that 2++ hours movie. Just don't know why but for me it was so disappointing. Transformers 1 is better than this.

    Why? Well, I think maybe because of the 'too-much-robots' in the movie making it very very messy. I know lots of you might disagree with me but try to compare to the previous one. I think the first one is better. The director probably keeps thinking and expecting this movie will became a big hit to the US box-office movies of the year, and because of this he didn't even make sure or recheck or re-edit the movie to make it better. Too anxious to screen it in the cinemas around the world and expecting mega profits from it.

    But still, congratulations to the director for the movie. It is a great movie but disappointed me a bit, not much. I think Night at Museum 2 is better than this Transformers 2, even Terminator lost to Night at Museum 2. I'm looking forward for the next episode of Transformers.

    Good Luck and make it better...

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    That feeling...

    When I stepped in this Sibu town, I knew it, that it is gonna be tough.

    When my boss assigned a task for me to do, I've actually aimed to complete the task with confident. I need to show to everybody that I can.

    Well, ISO isn't an easy job anyway. It's very fussy and lots of thing need to do. When I first stepped into the site, the office... I saw dark, punishment and torture. I didn't know what did i do until I got this job. I didn't know why I accepted this job. Maybe just because I was jobless in November last year that I accepted this job immediately. Afterall I never go for interview, the boss contacted me and asked me to join them.

    I got a little uneasy as the job that I need to do is doing QAQC/ISO which I did during my 6 months practical training in Bintulu. This time is worst coz I was not allow to do inspection or comment anything on their work. RM84million project! Well, alright I won't complain or give any comment.

    I am a civil engineer. What the heck am I doing management stuff for this big project? What a shame.

    "You just need to implement the Project Quality Plan"

    Alright, that was boring. I was not allow to do inspection, meaning I can't learning anything.

    "Try to go to the site if you are free. You can't learn anything by sitting in the office", the Resident Engineer from the Ranhill told me. What can I do? I was only asked to sit in the office and do the filing, checking and making sure that they use the correct inspection form.

    "Loey, when you are free you can go to the site and learn something from it. Maybe you will have more knowledge and experience in our next project", one day my boss called me.

    I put on my safety helmet and safety boot, straight to the 'to-be-completed' two blocks of 8 storeys building and others big building at the site and kept taking photos. I went to KL to buy a new camera just to take a better photo. I realized that I got that feeling... That kind of feeling that I like this job, on site job, more than sitting in the office.

    ISO audit was a month from now. I stayed in the office doing my ISO stuff. I missed the site. I didnt managed to take pictures and it is hard for me to do site daily records. I had to ask for the info from my colleagues. So pathetic.

    One NCR during the external audit.

    Fussy job.

    Things need to do:

    1. Make sure they use the correct inspection form
    2. I need to counter sign all the inspection forms
    3. I need to sign all the D.Os
    4. I need to sign all the Concrete cube test result
    5. I need to sign all the construction drawings
    5. I need to do filing for all inspection form, separate every one of them
    6. I need to make a table/list for all the forms and drawing list
    7. I need to make sure that they do toolbox meeting
    8. I need to make sure that the company's policy and objective are hung on the wall
    9. I need to record all the inspection forms submitted to consultant
    10. I need to record the concrete cube test result
    11. I need to amend the Project Quality Plan
    12. I need to amend the inspection form
    13. I need to amedn the inspection form when there is a request for changes from the consultants
    14. I need to do site daily records and submit to the RE
    15. I need to record in site daily records and site progress report, and email it to Boss, the QMR, the QS, the officeboy and the Managing director in KL
    16. I need to relax...

    I got that kind of feeling that I've done everything I can for my boss and for the company. Maybe they didn't even know that I suffered a lot working in Sibu but still, I tried and not giving up. All colleagues who were once trying to ignore me (even we work as a team and in the same office) now are my good friends. Those feeling are wonderful.

    My superior: Loey, we've completed the audit. Just wanna let you know an issue that you need to highlight. Just one only related to the monthly report..bla, bla...bla....

    Me: (Small matter) Ok, ok... So, any NCR issued?

    My superior: No, no...

    Me: That's mean we passed.

    My superior: Yes. So, thats all. Thank you arrr...

    Me: It's ok.

    That feeling...

    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    I love seafood

    I ate crabs for dinner just now.

    It was delicious, every dish...the king prawns and the clams were good. Well, I love seafood and Sibu is the best place for seafood, and that restaurant will the one at the bus terminal area.

    Tomorrow will be my first ISO audit, which I received a news that the auditors won't be able to come to the site for the audit. Great! They only audit the main office and the boss' daughter will be the auditee. Just wanna wish her Good luck and let's pass the ISO together...

    Good Luck Pam and Me!