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    Friday, February 20, 2009

    Konvokesyen UMP Ke-3 Sidang Kedua 2009 Part 2/2

    Studio photo, completed. Return blouse, completed. Transcript and Degree certificate, got it already. Hmmm... time to go back. Thought of throwing away the flowers but better bring it back for memory.

    Hmmm... Universiti Malaysia Pahang, I love you. I don't know when am I going to come back to Kuantan again. Anyway, thanks for everything. 4 years, enough!

    Arrived at KL on the eve of Chinese New Year, stayed a night in KL. Was shocked to see this tv program in the hotel room...

    Teletubbies-like are brushing their teeth. Well, they stopped, went to other place, brush their teeth again...again and again... Errr... What's the meaning? Any motives of doing this? I spent half a hour watching the tv program and both my mum and dad asked me how interesting it is until I didn't want to get up from my bed to take my bath. I smiled, and went to have a shower.

    We went to the Capitol Hotel and had a nice CNY eve buffet. Yee Sang is a must, as a symbol of prosperity. Rm60+++ perperson. Well, it was a very nice one. Lots of food to taste. Sushi, cakes, shark fin soup, seafood, duck dumpling (nice, 1st time to try it) and many more...

    Everybody, congrates me coz i took more than 10-15 oysters that night and by the end of the dinner I stopped taking it as I felt like want to vomit. Don't compare me with Mr. Bean!

    We went for a walk and met this Mr. Green again.


    This time is Mr. Gold!!!

    He's the same old man I mentioned in my previous post. Wonder how much he can earn in a day.

    Eh, Nice phone!

    Too late. I bought this Sony Ericsson W595 already. Still, I like very much. This is the first time I used my own money to buy a handphone. Hehe...

    Alright, I hate this. I hate this plane!

    It brought me back to Sibu! D*** You!

    ~Coming soon: 'Sibu's flood'~

    Monday, February 09, 2009

    Konvokesyen UMP Ke-3 Sidang Kedua 2009 Part 1/2

    Sorry again for the late update, was too busy doing useless-boring work till I can't have the mood and time to blog. But still I got lots of things to write. Everything's in the draft.

    I was glad that I've completed studying. The Convocation was on the 24th of January and I arrived Kuantan on the 22nd Jan, two days earlier to get the blouse and attended the rehearsal.

    I flew to KL from Sibu on 21st Jan afternoon and took my lunch there which I paid Rm10.50 for this simple-lousy-ordinary food.

    Moral: Don't buy Sibu Airport's food.

    Via KL, me and my parents went for a walk after dinner along Jalan Bukit Bintang and saw this green man's 'performance'. It was a boring performance by this green old man because he just stand there and did a little movement, few body gestures... Boring, boring, boring... People can snap a photo with him after they donate money to him. But some of them didn't even donate, go towards him and took a photo with him. I think he didn't even mind also as I expect he can get hundreds ringgit for that night, I mean every night.

    I zoomed that photo and saw something weird. There's a couple standing not far from the green man. That man was wearing a 'nice-cool' shirt, written "I like Girls that like Girls". Too bad his girlfriend didn't understand. LOL.

    Arrived UMP on the 22nd Jan afternoon, went to my old house and met some of my old housemates. After lunch, went to take the blouse, brought it back to the house and snapped a few photos. Some of the not-yet-graduated roommates didn't want to miss the golden chance to wear the blouse and one by one they wore the blouse and took their own photos. Well, I was so worried too as I will have to pay RM2000 if I spoil the blouse.

    Anyway, UMP changed a lot already, colourful, more building than before and many more. They told me that the security guards are no more strict and couples in UMP feel like living in heaven as they can have a nice date at the canteen. No more Uztaz Helmi wandering around the canteen anymore. No more coupling act warning notices on the table anymore (stupid idea, use easily-tear-off paper). Non-muslim couples can go out at night before 12am, which the security will ask, "Kamu Muslim ka?". Say NO, then they will let you go.

    That paper is not a warning notice. It is a notice of upcoming activities in UMP.

    On the day of convocation, the event went smoothly and I was relieved. No more go to classes. No more the word 'outing'. No more 'Meet-Lecturer'. No more seminar. No more assignment. No more tutorial and lecture. Mo more matric cards.

    After the event ended, lots of people, families and relatives buying flowers for their just-graduated sons and daughters.

    Me and my parents

    I was so touched when some of my ex-roommates came to visit me and took some photos. They drove all the way from UMP to meet me.

    With Shahir (ex-roommate)

    With Mat Shah (ex-housemate)

    My dad was busy taking my photo as if I'm a famous star. Then, I realized Tan Yun Yon was there too to see his gf's. There's a guy behind me with an awkward body posture while taking a photo. A professional I guess.

    With Tan Yun Yon

    With Tan's yummy-yummy