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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    My Mini City

    I saw some of my friends playing/joining this MyMiniCity stuff. At first, I thought it will going to be very boring but when I saw somebody with this city (picture below), I want to join too...

    Mine is just this few houses only. So, I wish all my beloved readers would 'at least' help me to make my city bigger...

    You just need to click the picture below or the banner on the top of my blog. Boring huh? But, at least just give it a d*** click on it everytime you visit my blog, can? Hehe~

    Cannot click this picture huh? Nevermind. Click the banner on the top of this page or click HERE. Thanx!

    Hak Cipta Terpelihara

    Rasa pelik kan pertama kali saya buat post dalam Bahasa Melayu? Sebenarnya ada sesuatu yang nak disampaikan kat sini walaupun saya tau 'mereka' akan dapat tahu juga lambat laun. Post yang sebelum ini...yang kat bawah ni laa...gambar2nya sudah hilang. Kesemuanyer... Kalau tak silap saya, syarikat blog ni... yer blog ni laaa....dah dpt detect yg saya guna gambar-gambar2 dari orang lain. Orang tu guna blog jenis ni juga. Mungkin dia report kat blogger. Huhu~

    Oleh itu, dinasihatkan kawan-kawanku yang membuat blog jangan sesekali guna hak cipta orang lain. Kang block blog korang menyesal plak nanti.... huhu~

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Good Luck My Juniors!

    This week is a study week. I saw lots of my juniors are busy with their assignments and projects. Asking and complaining to each others about the tasks. Why doing these in our study week? Projects and assignments in study weeks??? Why lecturers didn't give them to us earlier?

    Well, the answer is... Actually the tasks had been given earlier but you did them at the last minutes, so don't blame the lecturers. Blame yourself? Blame your group members? Blame your time management and envy other faculty students for being so relax?

    Well my juniors, we are all the same. We did some projects and assignment at the last minutes before too... So, you don't have to envy other people because of these. Honestly, in our last semester we got 3 deadly bloody tasks to be done at the last minutes or I can say in the study week.

    1) Projects (for certain subject)
    2) Final Year Project

    3) 3P

    All these tasks we did them around the study week period. The most important task will be our Final Year Project, just because it is an individual task. It means we got to do this stuff all alone without the help from any friends. It's different from 3P (you will now what is 3P next time), in 3P you will have the helping hands from other friends, so you will be a little bit relax. The amount of the works for 3P are less compared to your final year project because in 3P usually we divide them separately for all group members.

    Group work, easy, can be completed faster than individual work

    Whereas, for final year project (your hardwork since last semester) must be continued successfully alone. So if you cannot make it, then you will be completely nervous and start to look for somebody's help.

    The worse is when your lecturer gives you a project to do in the lab at the last minutes (It's the time when you realized that next week is study week) then been told that he will not be around during that period. How? My juniors, we faced it already...

    You will definitely become panic when you realized that the day after tomorrow or tomorrow, you will sit for your first paper. Then, you will going to have a bad dream which wake you up in the middle of the night. Sweats rolling down your forehead. Jump out of your bed and rush to you study desk. Take a book and read.

    After a few seconds, you realized that the book was upside down.

    You don't have to blame yourself (time management), your friends (teamwork), the university (lousy schedule) or your lecturers (their uncertainties). What the most important is, you will definitely MISS the University's life when you are completely not dealing with university and already have a job outside there. They (university) do this for your future and because of them, you are called an ENGINEER!

    ... and definitely not a beggar along the streets.

    Good Luck for your final exam!

    Friday, April 25, 2008

    In The Library

    I'm now at the library, study. Study? Yes, study laa damn it. Funny ka when you heard that I study inside the library. Huh! It's cooler than inside the room... Well, I've just read a few pages and felt that I really need a rest.

    Well, I'm the only person using this big table. There are couples using every tables here. Couples = Girl and Boy. What a nice study group that is. Both of them are showing off how hardworking they are. What daa... Well, a nice try guys.

    Hmm.. Some of the boys are sms-ing and surfing the net. Studying huh? Probably. Haha... What am I doing right now? Am i studying? I did ok? Now I need a rest. Well, that's what we called study week. It's a week for the couples to say and feel that this is the time they need to study hard...for their own future, since they'd wasted their time loitering around the town and rolling on the floor doing nothing inside the room. So, this is the time!!! Wow! Impressive! =='

    Hmm.. Studying in the library with partners=Dating? Dating while studying... Walaoo eh... so romantic arr.. what the... It's a good reason for the couples when they're asked whether they dated in the library. They will say "No, we study together."

    Good answer... Boring....

    I wanna study now... Shoooo.....

    Don't disturb me!!!

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    A New Customized Template!

    Do you like my new template? Awesome?

    I've changed it to give my blog readers a better and pleasant environment while reading my posts. This modified template is made as an acknowledgment / appreciation for my regular readers.

    Therefore, I wish that everyone of you will keep on following my updates and supporting my blog.


    (Thanx to Amanda from BloggerBuster.Com)

    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    It's a Boy-Girl Thing Finale

    What can you be proud of about yourself? Do you appreciate because of the way you look? Your intelligence? Wealth? Health? Your life style? Your body shape? Your speech?

    For instance, a man's body. Physically describe it, I would say a man is tough, tougher than a women. Not easily broken into tears (probably). Strong, powerful. Good looking. Gentleman. Romantic. Gorgeous. Intelligent (research proved that man is more intelligent than a woman). Besides that, a man is easily trusted than a woman, as men are believed to be able to handle a task better than a woman
    (Is that so???)

    Whereas for a woman, you must be proud that one day someone will take care of you, and a man who will be by your side protecting you everyday. A woman has a chance to put on those beautiful jewelleries which will definitely make them look more beautiful and lovely. Your soft, caring and loving personality are the main attractive for men.

    Still don't like your own gender??? Then, what do you want to do with it? Change??? Like this Harisu???


    Well, Harisu... Korean actress and singer changed his gender into woman. He said that she is a woman trapped in a man body and he decided to change it back. That's it, he changed it few years ago and now married to a Korean dancer/rapper. Please read this post >>> Harisu married to a man!!!

    Frankly speaking, I don't really agree it. Why he did that? He doesn't love his own body? Errr...body? Well, she got a nice 'woman body' actually... Ermm... I can't explain or give comments about him coz...he really got a nice woman's body. Damn it. Urrghhh...enlarge his breasts...cut off his penis... oh damnnn... Does he know that f***ing is nice? Damn laa... Maybe he preferred to be f***ed than to f***. Ohh... damn... What a waste...

    But one thing that she should be proud of and we couldn't say any bad words about her is because she had successfully become a beautiful woman. (It means not an ugly transexual.) Even without thick make-up, she looks pretty enough to attract those confused man. Well, his her husband is one of the victim...I mean a lucky victim (lucky because she is beautiful). I can't imagine how their first night will going to be...

    He: Oh baby... You look so wonderful tonight.
    He She: Really? (Smiling happily)
    (His hand slowly creeping down to her *****)
    He: Errr... Aiks... whr is...err... Eh, oh... I forgot... Hehe... Never mind...
    She: Hehe...


    A woman trapped in a man's body u say??? Most of the transsexuals (man to woman) in this world say so... It is true enough because most of the transsexuals say so . Pity those man who didn't turn into a woman successfully, but congratulations to those successful pretty boys out there. May you have a pleasant and happy life as a woman. He might say 'trapped in a man's body', but there are somebody say 'trapped in a woman's body'!!!

    You, a woman... Do you dare to cut off your boobs??? For those who got a nice b**bs definitely won't dare to do it as that's your second most precious and expensive assets...after your *****. Do you dare to shorten your long smooth straight beautiful shining sparkling lovely hair? Err... I mean the hair on the head...Or do you dare to inject testosterone hormone into your body? This will cause some parts of your body grow hairs such as armpits, chin/beard and mustache. A man will like it because this will make him looks gorgeous, charming, rugged and many more...

    Well, Mr. Thomas Beattie dares to do it!


    How do feel? Disgusting? Proud? Disappointed because of her action? Well, another well done to this woman. She dares to do it and she he done it well. He cut off his boobs and make herself grow some hairs on her armpit, mustache and chin/beard. He went for gender reassignment surgery and now she's a legally real man. However, he kept his female organ when he did the surgery, therefore he was able to get pregnant together with his wife. Oh, he married to a woman. He bought donor vials from a cryogenic sperm bank and that's how he got pregnant. Hmm...try to imagine on their first night... Hehe...

    He: Honey, you make me horny...
    She: Well darling, it's not a problem for a man. That's normal...
    (Then slowly she moved her palm down his body.)
    She: Eh???!!! Err... oh... sorry, I forgot... Hmmm... (Disappointed)
    He: Errr... Sorry honey...

    Hmm... life's like this. So confusing! Modifying God's creation to show God that human are as mighty as the God. Err... Is that so? Don't ask me to write anything about cloning ok?

    Hmm... This world is getting confusing but interesting...

    Wanna read more about Thomas Beattie? Click HERE!

    Friday, April 11, 2008

    It's a Boy-Girl Thing Part 1

    How often would you appreciate yourself as a boy/girl? Do you satisfied with yourself? Do you think you are the luckiest person on earth? Are you happy with your gender right now?

    Everybody, either girl or boy have their own thinkings or opinions about their own gender. Do they appreciate for being a boy/girl at this moment? Are you happy to be a boy/girl?

    A boy, will soon become the head of the family one day. Everybody will depend on you and you will feel that you control everything. Being a boy, you got the opportunity to have some girls saying that you are handsome, 'macho', good looking, charming, muscular, gorgeous or even sexy and cute. You have the chance to ride a big bike, rollerskating, rock climbing, skateboarding or playing video games without anybody saying, "You are weird". I mean they are just a few girls involved in those kind of activities. (I didn't say no girl!) All boys would really want to have a try in these kind of activities coz it's challenging and fun. And because of this, the girls are crazy for those activities too. As a man, you are lucky that one day you can have a feeling of falling in love with a girl that you like. You can even touch and hold the most attractive girl's hand and make everybody jealous of you. Worse, you can kiss that girl. How wonderful isn't it?

    When you get married, she cooks for you, massages you, hugs you tightly. This is absolutely wonderful for a man. Sometimes, when she cries, you can comfort her which makes you the most gentle man in the world for her. Don't you feel proud? And you can have a wonderful night everynight with your wife. Soon, you are going to have the kids and your responsibility becomes more and more complicated which this will make you more matured, loving and caring type of person. Nobody will see it accept your life partner herself.

    For a girl, your are lucky because the God has give you lots of special gifts such as the ability to feel people's feeling, showing sympathy and empathy. About what the most precious gift the God has given it to you is the ability to be patient. Even though you might cry a lot but sometimes you will feel that you need to stand up and fight it back. A girl like you has the opportunity to have someone calling you a pretty lady, a cute girl or even a sexy girl. You might have a chance for an invitation from a boy for a dinner with you or a dance in a party. You might have a handsome partner and make other girls jealous...too. And you can put on jewelleries such as beautiful necklace, rings, earrings which a boy couldn't. (Some boys do use earings, rings and necklace also.)

    When you get married, your husband will say, "Darling, I'm so lucky because everytime I wake up the first person I see is you." or "Darling, we should stay forever so that I can feel the warmth in this house. I'm cold." (Huh?), while hugging you tightly around your waist. Don't you like this feelings? We should appreciate what the God has given to us. Being ourselves, we should be proud and satisfied instead of being so sad because you are a boy or a girl.

    However they are some people who do not like their own gender and they planned to CHANGE THEIR OWN GENDER...!!!
    For example...this >>>

    Pretty huh?
    Chen Lili, 24, Chinese Actress and singer was a male!!!

    To be continued...

    Coming soon ~ It's a Boy-Girl Thing Part 2!!!

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    Breaking News!

    Sufiah Yusof (born in 1985), a Malaysian mathematic genius is getting 'sexier and hotter' in UK. She's lucky enough to win a place in Oxford at the age of 13. While all the Malaysian teenagers at the age of 13 were playing Digimon and watching Power Rangers, she was attending a lesson in Oxford University. How's lucky she is.

    In 2001, she ran away from her student flat in Oxford, after taking her final examination paper for the academic year. She was found working as a waitress in a Bournemouth Internet cafe two weeks later, but refused to return home, alleging that her parents made life difficult for her at home. She stayed with a foster family instead.

    Two years later, she returned to Oxford to complete her undergraduate master, but failed to finish the year. She was married to a trainee lawyer, Jonathan Marshall in 2004, but the couples divorced 13 months later.

    What a handsome man!

    But a decade after hitting the headlines thanks to her remarkable aptitude for mathematics - and days after her father was jailed for sexually assaulting two teenagers - Miss Yusof has been exposed as a £130-an-hour prostitute. She's rich, isn't she?

    Sorry, this is the only picture I can publish. You can find this picture in Harian Metro. The other pictures I can't publish. Sorry coz it looks 'hot'! Wakaka... Disappointed huh?

    The Malaysian government is now planning an ambitious "Save Sufiah Programme" to rehabilitate Sufiah and "return her to the right path."

    Malay Community Association of United Kingdom began funds to support 'Love Suffiah' Campaign. A delegation from Malaysia headed by Ustaz Trimizi Zainal will depart Malaysia on 19th April to treat Sufiah using Islamic Medical practice, as they believe she is under the influence of black magic.

    Based on discussion with Islamic medical practitioners and several divine guidance, we are convinced that Sufiah is under the influence of black magic. For that reason, a delegation from Malaysia headed by Ustaz Trimizi Zainal will depart Malaysia on 19th April to treat Sufiah using Islamic Medical practice. Ustaz Trimizi could probably be in UK for 1 month and hopefully he will treat Sufiah for the whole of the duration.
    (source: Melayu UK website)

    Everybody, let's hope and pray that she will be 'back'.

    Sunday, April 06, 2008


    When talking about superheroes saving the world from the evil, in my mind I will think about Superman, Batman, The X-Men, Spiderman and many more... Well, obviously they look cool and powerful with the gadgets they use making them look like a bulletproof person. Immortal. (A few X-men heroes die.)

    Let's get back to my 80's and 90's life...Mine! My 1st hero will be Doraemon, but it changed when i saw this tv series Flashman. It was definitely cool and errr... yeah COOL! It looks cool because every person got their own special power. With their super power and their shouts 'Tendangan maut, tumbukan maut' (I was wondering how they know how to Malay that time) makes me more excited and eventually became my favourite tv program. =='

    Funny pose... But still they are the coolest.

    But then after few months I was confused. The actors and actress changed and the stories tooo... Soon I realized that it wasn't my 'favourite tv program'. It was Maskman! (Not again...!)

    Then, Maskman became my 2nd favourite tv program. (I'm totally confused!)...

    But then, I realized that I was blaming the tv channel for making me confused again and again. This time I became so curious furious because my favourite 5 colourful warriors are all gone.

    The White Metal Ranger showed up. What the... Don't play-play with me arrrr you Gaban... Just give me back my show, damn it!!!

    Huh? The Ultraman. Dumb. Fights with the monsters. Don't even talk. Looks slow. Fly to the sky/moon after finished his mission. Crazy! Got Mama, Papa, Gege, Didi, Mei Mei, Grandpa, GrandMa, Cousins, Uncles, Aunties, 2nd cousins and the in-laws. What da... I watched a few Ultraman series before such as Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Tiga and many-many Ultra... One of the Ultra is the combination of a man and a girl, and that was sucksss... Dunno which one. If you know, tell me k?

    Aiks, what's this??? Ultraman Kid! Thats for the babies to watch probably that was the reason. Parents were complaining that the Ultraman series are too brutal and lots of violences such as grabbing the monster's tail and swing it around. Huh? Then, came out another one, Cybercop. I only watched it once because I found out that it was so boring.

    After few years later, US hits everybody with these tv series Big Bad Beetleborgs and Superhuman Samurai. Urgghhhh.... I don't really like them.

    They turned into beetle, stinkss....

    The American Samurai Warrior

    And the best superheroes tv series I ever watched was the Power Rangers! Yeah! I love them so much.

    And I even bought their underwears!

    Huh! Kidding. Crazy ka?