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    Saturday, September 01, 2007

    Merdeka Day = Freedom for ALL?

    It was a crazy idea to stay out at night for that Merdeka celebration. And it will going to be my last.


    Happy MERDEKA Day!!!

    I read an article this morning and it's about Mr. George W. Bush praising our PM. Good, that's something that we as a Malaysian are wishing for, a strong relationship between one another especially anyone from the US. Well, just hope that's not for temporarily only.

    From my observation on the way to Kuantan town, I noticed that there were lots of 'Mat Rempit' challenged one another. Wow, it was my first time experiencing something like that. They were riding passed me left and right and of course the sound was so irritating. I'm not sure how high the desible was but honestly to say it was terrible. I tried not to knock them down, if not they will come to look for me, in groups. Then, I'll be death lorr... Huhu~

    Something which make me filled with hatred that night is those small kids riding their bicycle around the town without thinking about their own safety. I almost knocked a boy down when I was about to reach the traffic light. Luckily, I'm a very good driver (Cewahhhh, hehehe) that I managed to avoid from him. Crazy laaa... Even tying the Malaysian flag on their bicycles. What the use? Show patriotism??? Is that the right way to do it? The weirdest among all is a boy wearing a coat and a short pant (according to Pja) riding the bicycle. Funny, huh?

    Well, maybe some of them thought that MERDEKA Day is 'a day' freedom for them. It might go like this >>>

    Kid: Mum, my friends ask me to go out tonight to celebrate Merdeka Day countdown.
    Mum/Dad: Cannot. We celebrate here at home enough already.
    Kid: But mum/dad, I already promised them just now. We want to make it more merrier.
    Mum/Dad: No! It's dangerous.
    Kid: Plz mum/dad, just for tonight. 'Just tonight'. I'll stay together with my friends. Some of my senior (abang2) can take care of me.
    Mum/Dad: Hmm... Alright then, but make sure you come back home earlier right after 12am ok?
    Kid: Ok,thanx Mum. I love you Mum/Dad!!!
    (Took his small bicycle and disappeared...)

    Well, surprisingly I saw small girls too. Really can't imagine how their parents control them at home. Did they give them 'A Day' freedom?

    Riding their bicycles together on the road. The road should be owned by the bigger vehicles' owner who pay the road tax, but that night, the road is for the bicycles.

    A night at TTC during Merdeka Day

    Then, went to Tg. Lumpur to have a luxurious 2 dishes of food which cost us RM51.

    Nana was so kind that she offered to lend a guy her own handphone somewhere at Padang MPK who was grumbling about his spoilt handphone . Luckily, nothing happened after that.

    TC's sunrise view

    We stayed overnight at TC that night. It was a terrible experience and I was feeling sleepy and tired. Doubtful to drive home smoothly. We went out for a walk by the beach. I noticed that the Malaysian flags are used as a blanket or a sweater for those who stayed overnight by the beach and thought that the Malaysian flag is the latest invention which can make people warm when wrapped around their body. Malaysian flag = A Blanket/Sweater??? Nincompoop!!!

    It's freezing

    A freedom to flirt around on Merdeka Day

    We spotted lot's of monkeys on the trees and even on the ground while we walked along the bridge/jetty early in the morning at TC.

    And realized that UMP's engineering students did something good for the Jabatan Perhutanan.