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    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    How to spend RM142 in 3 days (my way)

    ~Waiting for me to update? Hehe... Sorry...~

    2 weeks ago, I went out to the town with Dozier and Gerald to get a S.I report for my assignment and spent around RM142 in 3 days.

    The first day
    - We went out in the afternoon and were supposed to meet the engineer around 3pm. I found his address through the CIDB directory website. His office is somewhere at the kampung area. (Wondering why he bought an office at the kampung). Finally, after 45 minutes searching for his office, we realized that we were now at the 'real kampung'. Huhu... It's true, it is situated at kampung! At last we saw his office. We were stunned for a few seconds. In our heart, we asked ourselves, "Is this the one?". It looks like a house to me, not an office. Th compound was so untidy and a few geotechic tools outside of the house gave us a clue that that's the one. To make sure that we got the correct one, we called him and the engineer said 'yes'. That's the one. Hmm... ok! Maybe it is not a big company, he opened it himself using his own modal to establish his own geotechnical laboratory. unfortunately, he was not at home at the moment but he'd promised us earlier that he will be there at 3pm. He told us that he was now somewhere at Sungai Pahang and asked us to come again the next day. OK fine! I spent rm10 on that day.

    I spent:

    1. RM5 for car renting
    2. RM5 for the fuel

    The 2nd day
    - And once again we went out to meet the engineer at 3pm, luckily we managed to have a short interview with him about site investigation and managed to bring back 1 copies of S.I report to photostate.

    (Boring now huh?)

    After this short interview, we went to the shop to photostate the report and went back to UMP after having lunch at Gambang.

    I spent:
    1. RM4 for car renting
    2. RM3 for the fuel

    3. RM5 for lunch/dinner

    The 3rd day

    Nothing much to talk about... I spent:

    1. RM5 for car renting
    2. RM5 for the fuel

    3. RM11.50 for the S.I reports

    4. Car's windscreen
    CRASHED!!! - RM1OO!

    to be continue...

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Glitter Graphics

    I want to wish everybody
    Happy Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is not about celebrating it with your partner but also celebrating this day with your friends and beloved family too...

    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    My Helicopter

    I bought a helicopter in KL during the holiday. Hehe... I've planned to buy a remote control helicopter long time ago already, at last I managed to buy one. Hehe...

    The size is quite small and short, just about 16cm but it's very nice and looks cool already.

    The most important part of this helicopter is the propeller behind it, which it cost me RM5 to have the spare part. Actually there's another extra propeller, but since the propeller looks so fragile so I bought another one. It's very important because this propeller will make it moves 'backward'. And that's why it makes the helicopter costs more than the ones which can't move backward.

    Price: RM90 (Probably it's more long-lasting, hopefully)

    Without moving backward: RM65, RM75
    (Got 2 small lights in front which makes it looks cool)

    Xing Nian Kuai Le

    I want to wish all my Chinese friends and those who are celebrating Chinese New Year...

    Profile Assist

    I need ang pows...

    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    Cirit or Die

    I got this video from my friend. It's very funny. The funniest video I ever watched in my life. Haha!

    Must watch!

    Click the link below to download:

    Kondor Hero Super