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    Saturday, August 29, 2009

    I Can Accept Corruption

    I got a free ticket to watch this Hong Kong movie "I Corrupt All Cops". It was sponsored by one of the Malaysian opposition party DAP.

    Well, I'm a neutral. So, just accept it for the sake of my money for that ticket fee. It's free, so, why not?

    One thing good about this is everyone will be given a free mask to prevent H1N1. Those representative/person-in-charge were ready at the main entrance to give those masks to the people.

    As usual, there will be a speech but it's just a simple speech alerting everyone of H1N1 and ask all of us to put on the mask during watching the movie.

    ...and of course after the movie, everybody took it off.

    Eh, I thought everyone should use it till you reach home. Or just because of the movie everyone must use that mask. Weird people.


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